Join me in boycotting CBS becasue everybody DOESN'T love Raymond

As long as we’re wishing, maybe we should retitle it as:

Everybody Would Like Raymond to Stop Making Movies Like “Welcome to Mooseport”

Really? I love him for that. Oh, wait… :smack:

Actually I think Miller had it right the first time (the one before the one quoted…if yoy follow me). Everybody on the show is an asshole. I’d be a bitch too if I were married to a passive aggressive twerp.
It was watching this show that made me realize how many sitcoms in general are made up of truely horrible people who are somehow portayed to be the salt of the earth.

Opinions on Raymond are Mixed, At Best

Everyone Would Love It If Raymond’s Wife Would Just Give Him Some Sex For A Change

In a moment of Idiocy, I rented this streaming pile. I got through maybe 15-20 minutes, before I had to stop or barf up my lunch. The millennium is still young, but this is a Mooseport is a contender for worst movie of it.

Make that "Everyone except Raymond’s wife…

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t love Lucy either.

…with horrible posture.

((It’s small and petty of me, but every time I’ve watched the show, I’ve wanted to scream at her “Stand Up Straight!”))

Ellen Degeneres said she wanted to title her show, “Not Everybody Loves Raymond”.

I don’t like Deborah because she seems to be ultra-sensitive to the lamest of comments. Ray tells a lame joke, and Deborah has to pout for the entire day over something incredibly stupid or because she can’t get her way. Deborah seems to think her husband is a moron, yet why does she get so riled up when he says something stupid? Who cares! Get on with your life!

And Frank just annoys the hell out of me. He’s a world class asshole and he gets away with it because “that’s his way”. And anytime anybody stands up to him, he brings out his old “DON’T TALK TO ME THAT WAY, BECAUSE I WAS IN THE KOREAN WAR” bit until someone apologizes. And then he laughs, happy that he could manipulate his family members once again.

The only likeable character is Robert. The show should be called Everybody Knows That One Day Robert Will Take a Shotgun and Kill His Family.

Amok! My brother! I thought I was the only one who dared speak such heresy! You are not alone in your hatred of the Red-Haired Evil. Be strong.

Put me down for who the fuck watches this show, and why haven’t you killed yourself?

Since this festering pile always seems to be poking at the top of the ratings, I’m thinking Everybody Seems To Love Watching A Houseful Of Moronic Fucktards And Screeching Harpies Yell At Each Other For 22 Minutes. Damn, People, You Really Find This Crap Funny? would be fair.

And kudos to silenus and Amok. I fucking hated Lucy’s screechy, unfunny guts.

That’s why they were so good for each other, no one else would be able to stand them, especially Feebee (sp?).

I used to think I loved Raymond but then someone knocked the Brain Slug off my head and I got better.

I watched a handful of episodes before I realized I hated it. The episode that pushed me over the line featured Raymond whining, and I mean big-time whining, because his wife was insisting that he take the children to the park on a Saturday. He had promised that he would do it, and now he didn’t feel like it, and he was whining trying to get out of it. Out of taking his own progeny to the park. Whining. Whining so he could break his promise.

And yet the viewing public thinks his wife is a bitch? Raymond’s the bitch.

I’ve touched a wellspring of emotion that I didn’t expect.

I’m on the Raymond’s such a friggin’ whiner that whever he gets he deserves, and if his wife’s a bitch it’s because of his lazy ass side.

While we’re also talking about Lucy:

I Don’t Mind Lucy, but I certainly don’t love her and I certainly don’t see why she’s so revered by every TV show countdown or list. She’s always at the top of the funniest comediennes. Actually, I’ve read that she was quite a humorless woman in real life.

Raymond’s wife is hot

I don’t love Lucy either. She was as Whiny as Raymond, as bitchy as Debra.