Join me in creating current event Haiku

Because I am bored at work, where I am alleged to be working:
Charlie Sheen Haiku, by Newsbunny:

I’m an F-18.
I’ll destroy you in the air
Scoreboard of the heart

Prince William
Is getting married real soon
Do you give a shit

(not “humourous”, but works)

Earthquake aftershocks
Ruins Christchurch, New Zealand
Tower icon falls

Libya in chaos
Gadaffi is a madman
How will it all end?

dear wisconsin
go fuck yourselves you commies
-Love, The Koch Brothers

Black Swan is dancing
loving cheering bleeding girl
Little golden man

Charlie no sheeny
rumble tumble stumble fall
who’s seen my career

Wisconsin, Yemen,
Libya, UK, Egypt–
People find their voice.