Joining the 28-tooth club (TMI, probably)

There seem to have been a few Dopers around getting their widsom teeth pulled recently, so I thought I’d add my own experience to the pile. In case anyone has been really dreading it, I have to say that so far it hasn’t been too bad.

I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled this afternoon, roughly four hours ago. All four were erupted (through the gums), but had varying degrees of decay and came out in slightly odd angles, hence my dentist’s desire to get them pulled. I decided that I wanted a general anesthetic, as the idea of being awake while they took out a good handful of teeth didn’t really appeal to me :wink: The whole thing was pretty quick - I went in, they hooked me up to a heart monitor and checked the oxygen content of my blood, then the oral surgeon came in and we chatted for a bit. Before I knew it the nurses started swarming and they were prepping me for the IV. Literally, about 2 seconds after the doc said “You should feel the IV starting to work” I was out like a light. I came to maybe 30-40 minutes later with a couple of nurses hovering overhead. They somehow got me off the operating table into a wheelchair, and took me over to a recovery area where I dozed for maybe another half hour. They had my mouth stuffed with gauze, and numbed me with a local anesthetic during the procedure. That stuff still hasn’t worn off, which I’ve very greatful for as I’m sure it’s a lot better than the alternative :slight_smile:

As of now I’m at home taking it easy, snacking on soup and pudding. I still have some pretty good bleeding going on, but I’ve been using gauze and will try a couple of tea bags after my dinner of slim-fast and ice cream :slight_smile: They gave me a prescription for Ibuprofin and Oxycodone. I’ve only taken the IB so far, as I really don’t have any pain. The bleeding is the only thing that worried me right now, as well as developing dry socket down the road, but I’m going to be careful (no straws, etc.).

While we’re on the subject, anybody got any good tips or advice?

Go out and party like it’s 1999.


I hate, hate, hate, hate surgery, even the notion of it. I’d never get my wisdom teeth out.

is afraid and grossed-out and shivery :frowning:

Member of the 24-tooth club checking in (four imapcted wisdom teeth, plus four that were removed earlier for orthodontics).

I had general anesthesia too, and it was a snap. Too long ago for me to remember much about it. I think I took some Tylenol or whatever, lived on soup & jello for a little bit, etc. But I can offer commiseration.

Count me as a member of the 24 teeth brigade for the same reasons.

Well, to be honest it wasn’t really surgery, they just pulled the suckers out. I wasn’t a big fan of the idea, believe me - I was a nervous wreck all this week but was so numb with fear this morning that they probably didn’t even need any anesthetic :wink: This was really for the best though, as will save me a lot of complications down the road. I didn’t even think to ask if I could’ve kept the teeth…could have made intersting jewelry :smiley:

I’ve been in constant pain for the last 3 weeks because of my wisdom teeth - before this, I had the same opinion as you do. Hopefully mine will be out around this time next week.

Good luck, Venoma! hugs and sends best wishes
(Moon-Watcher: I hate needles, I really hate anaesthetic, I hate people poking about in my mouth (my poor dentist!), I hate pain, I hate blood… sorry. But the topic just gives me the willies. shiver again

Keep up what you’re doing right now, it sounds like the best plan. And good luck with your teeth! also hugs and sends best wishes)

My girlfriend has similar concerns to yours Kythereia, so I sympathize. I’ve been avoiding this for years, but sometimes you just gotta do it. I opted for the general just so I wouldn’t really know what was going on. One quick needle prick and I was under.

And yeah, good luck Venoma!! You’ll be feeling a whole let better when it’s all said and done. Let us know how it goes, eh?

I had two of my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago.
The first one was really horrific, as the dentist couldn’t pull it out.
They gave me a local anesthetic and started with a pair of pliers to crush my teeth.
It is a very strange situation to have a fulll grown man use all of his strength on a numb jaw until your wisdom teeth shatters into a million pieces.
Recovery was also good fun : they left some bandage in the wound so it got infected.

Thankfully the second was a doozy.
Now I have 2 more left, but I am not very keen on having them removed. :wink:

I have been due to have mine out since February :rolleyes: Due to several cancelled appointments, losing the X-rays three times and the ‘emergency’ service being a three-week wait, it’s been a while. I’ve had it filled four times and the filling keeps falling out. So last week I went to have it removed. After five doses of anaesthetic and 50 mins, I could still feel it. So I gotta go be sedated. The sedation place is closed for three weeks, then when it opens it’ll be about a three-week wait. I fear my teeth will be celebrating their birthdays soon

Be glad you didn’t get Vicodin. I got it when mine were removed (one partially erupted, three impacted) and I swear I saw green, purple, and red kittens on my bed.

Hallucinations can be really amusing when you think about it. It really wasn’t that bad compared to the school picture taken two days later.


I was going to say. What’s this 28 tooth business?! I’ve got 26 due to space problems. Now I feel inadequate.

But superior to you 24ers. ::Points and laughs::

Thanks for the good luck wishes - I’ll be needing them.

Had all my wisdom teeth removed back in April. One of the worst experiences of my life.

Dry sockets are one of the worst things ever. Do NOT let this happen to you.

My experience wasn’t so bad either. My wisdom teeth were coming in okay, not impacted at all, but we decided to pull them because of the maintenance issues and the possibility of them maybe pushing my other teeth out of whack. My dentist smeared a topical anesthetic–pina colada flavored–on the areas, and then injected me with the real deal. It wasn’t bad at all, apart from the fact that the pina colada junk oozed a little down my throat and began to make that go numb. The extraction was simple, and I watched the reflection of it in the lamp hanging overhead. I was prepared for but still shocked by the amount of blood. My dentist didn’t give me any Vicodin or harder painkillers, just some Tylenol to keep the swelling down (which is what causes a lot of the pain). I ate some steak the next day at a dinner party, and while I couldn’t properly chew it it was still delicious.

I saved all four teeth, and had absolutely no problems. I hope everyone’s wisdom tooth experience could be as painfree and simple as mine.

I just wanted to give you all someone to be mad at…

I don’t have Wisdom teeth. Never did.

(I’ve had four root canals though, so I can commiserate somewhat)

I’ve never had (erupted) wisdom teeth either, just one that developed beneath the gumline and stayed there. So, 28 teeth for me, if we’re only counting the ones you can see without an X-ray.

I meant that I never even had what are referred to as “wisdom teeth buds”.

/refrains from making beer related pun on "Why do you think they call them the “Taste wisdom teeth buds anyway?” (tried to refrain I mean)