Joke suggestion from Google

I googled “anagram” and at the top of the list of results was the suggestion “Did you mean: nag a ram”

That’s mildly humorous. Are there any other examples you know about?


They should probably (in this spirit) put “Did you mean: ubiquitous” at the top of every results page, or many of them.

And on results for psychology topics, they should put “Did you mean: intrusive thoughts” randomly all over the place. :slight_smile:

OK, unlike the one I found that’s actually funny.

Google “do a barrel roll” without the quote marks (possible only works on a desktop)

Google “zerg rush”, similarly

Barrel roll worked just now on my phone.

I said Jan Christian Smuts not “young christian sluts”

At one time, if you queried <French military victories> you would get asked Did you mean French military defeats.



Both of those are really cool.

I showed the zerg rush to my 8 year old who informed me that is an easter egg. I know exactly what easter eggs are, but it didn’t occur to me to think of funny google responses that way.

TL: DR; search for google easter egg and you’ll find lots of these. I personally like “askew”.