Stupid Google Tricks

We’ve had threads on individual Google tricks before, but I thought it’d be fun to do a compilation thread.

Inspired by stumbling across one right now: I decided to figure out if my wife’s name has any awesome anagrams (it does), so I googled “Anagram.” Now you do it.


And Google Gravity

I’m Salami Leavening :eek:

OOOPS. Make that Lanai Evangelism :smiley:

That’s pretty cool, but she’s Harrow Shit Now!

do a barrel roll

I anagramed my real name, please refer to me from this day forward as…

Jib Sizzle Oh Rip

Doesn’t do anything for me
What’s it supposed to do?

…a barrel roll (the screen, that is)

Google recursion

Nothing is happening for me…

Are you sure you’re spelling it correctly? :wink:

I think several of you are missing the point. For some of these you need to look at the “Did you mean?” lines.

Anagram… Did you mean: Nag a Ram?

Recursion… Did you mean: Recursion?

Tilt and Barrel Roll are ones that do something with the screen, but not on all browsers.

Askew also works similar to Tilt

As a recent thread (I think it was from last month) noted, if you go to Google Maps and request walking directions from “Rivendell” to “Mordor”, Google gives the following message: “Use caution – One does not simply walk into Mordor.”

Another couple fun Google Map finds:

If you get directions from Japan to China, you’ll see a step in there “Jet ski across the Pacific Ocean.” There are a few of those out there (I think one involves kayaking).

Try hovering around Tunisia and searching for ‘droids’.

This doesn’t work in IE. You need to be using Firefox or Safari/Chrome.

I thought it took advantage of HTML 5. Does an updated IE support that yet? If not now, anyone know when?

Ah, fair point. I only know about IE 8 and earlier, not IE 9.

Barrel roll and tilt don’t work on Safari 5.1.1.

Per Wiki:

I use FF, so don’t know if this is accurate–or if this would include the barrel roll.