Jolie & Pitt to marry?

seems like Pitt & Jolie have been sharing in some serious activities (adoption, house hunting, mtg across the globe), so wondering if the latest rumour that they intend to marry might be true.

also, is Jennifer Aniston really as emotionally fragile as the media makes her out to be? I know, only those closest to her would know… but if her recent collapse was not attributable to the rumours about Pitt & Jolie, shouldn’t she be suing the magazines by now?

I can’t imagine a cuter couple than Jolie Gabor and ZaSu Pitts.

I was hoping Jolie would marry this Pitt.

In as much as I care, Jolie said in an interview as her only comment that one of the reasons that she’s estranged from her father is his cheating on her mother, and she wasn’t about to be a homewrecker in someone else’s marriage.

Makes sense to me.

Darned tootin’.

She should be a homewrecker in her own marriage, just like the rest of Hollywood is!

Thus providing the benefit that any child born to the union would have lips (her’s) that would be big enough to cover the teeth (his).

I thought I saw a magazine this week with a cover photo of Brad and Angelina, separated by one of those dramatic zigzag tearing-the-photo-in-half-to-symbolize-their-split things.

But I could be wrong. I didn’t go close enough to read it.

Translation from tabloid article: they’ve finished promoting their movie and have gone their separate ways.

I spent waaay too much time in Doctor’s offices the last 6 months.

If there were nothing going on between them and Jolie wanted to nip the rumors in the bud and not cause marital distress for Pitt then they could have stopped spending time together after the movie was done filming.

I don’t know that Aniston is all that fragile but it has to be as annoying as hell to here to see the “Brangelina” reports all the time.

The zig zag article was actually about her taking her baby to the hospital. The article said she would choose the baby over Brad any day.

pace writes:

> seems like Pitt & Jolie have been sharing in some serious activities (adoption,
> house hunting, mtg across the globe) . . .

While they have certainly been filmed meeting several times in various places, they have not jointly adopted a baby nor have they bought a house together.

I normally don’t care about the celebrity meat market circuit, but some part of me hopes Brad and Angie do get it together. That gives me the happy warm feeling in my nether-regions.

And I really don’t like Jennifer Anniston, so a little, shameful part of me is cheering that this has happened.

Jennifer Aniston has been paired with Vince Vaughn, so I’d say she isn’t at home crying. He’s so cute, and he seems like he’d be fun to hang out with. I hope they git it on. :smiley:

I’m sho he does, too! :stuck_out_tongue:

guess I’m also hoping Angelina & Brad do hook up, raise their family together and continue their goodwill efforts in Africa.

From what I understand, Angelina Jolie has adopted both Maddox and Zahara on her own. Despite the magazine covers boasting proudly that “They” are adopting children, Brad Pitt is not entering into anything potentially legally-binding or international adoption proceedings with someone he met while making a movie.

I was watching E!True Hollywood Story or Biography or something on Angelina Jolie. When her strained relationship with her dad came up, it was said by someone that her dad went on an interview and basically accused Angelina of being insane. At the time of that interview, Angelina was in the process of adopting Maddox from Cambodia, and the accusation could’ve derailed the whole thing for her. I heard that Angelina and Jon Voight were patching things up until he said all that on TV, but that she hasn’t spoken to him since.

If that’s true about Jon Voight, then I can certainly understand why Jolie keeps her distance from him… HE sounds insane!

I can’t say that I can blame any celebrity for what tabloids have to say about them. If you actually read any of the articles in the various tabloids that were headlining them as a couple or buying houses, having torrid sex, adopting orphans (and again, waay too much time in doctor’s offices) they were all made up. “A close friend of the star has said that” and the like.

What there was, IMO, was two attractive people who happened to make a movie together and so provided lots of candid shots of them in the same room.

I also can’t fault Jolie or Pitt for refusing to comment one way or the other. Unless they’re actually boinking each others brains out it’s a damned if you do damned if you don’t situation on setting any record straight.

Well, there seemed to be plenty of instances of them spending time together off the set. They did indeed spend some time together on a beach somewhere, the only problem was the photogs couldn’t get pics of them actually being romantic so they made some up. There was also the photo shoot for Vanity Fair (?) that had them dressed up and posing like a married couple from the 50’s. That was a little above and beyond the promotion of a movie and a bad idea if you don’t want to add fuel to the rumors.

I don’t tend to buy Angelina’s claim that she wouldn’t break up a marriage because of what happened with her parents. She hooked up and married Billy Bob when he was engaged to Laura Dern. Sure engaged ain’t the same as married but it still shows a committment to someone else and that didn’t seem to bother her.

It would be if they weren’t promoting a movie about nothing more than a sexy married couple…