Jon Hamm as Doctor Strange? Really?


The requisite penis jokes are made in the story. But Hamm? Not my first choice.

Never watched Mad Men but I can hang with it.

He looks more the part than Johnny Depp, who was previously rumored. Who would be your choice?

I like it a lot. Stephen Strange was a suave society doctor until he injured his hands and no longer could perform surgery. Then he became an alcoholic and finally sought peace and wisdom from the Ancient One. It doesn’t work if he’s still a kid; he needs to be a mature adult whose got some miles on his body.

Hamm is wonderful playing that kind of troubled adult on Mad Men. He looks right for the part as well; put some Greenwich Village hair on him and he is the Ditko Strange. (Who’s got streaks of white in his hair.)

Good choice, if true.

Perfect! He even has experience playing a doctor who’s injured his hands.

Another choice might be Michael Fassbender, but he’s already the younger Magneto.

I read those comics now and then as a kid. I could definitely see him in the role. And with CGI, they’ll be able to do some cool magic stuff.

I’m not sure how they can make Strange as entertaining as Tony Stark; he’s kind of sedate by comparison. Maybe they’ll have Mordo or Dormammu be an over-the-top narcissist to make up the difference.

Jon Hamm takes second billing in Mad Men to the gorgeous costuming. Maybe he’ll do something similar to dazzling special effects?

I imagined somebody slightly older (Alan Rickman for instance), but fine with me.

Depends if they wanted to go with the original Steve Ditko version or the more buff and easy on the eyes later versions.

Jon Hamm may well combine a bit of both.

Isn’t DS also proficient in martial arts?

Jeffrey Combs. He already did the role. Under another name, but it was still Dr. Strange.

(Doctor Mordrid, a Full Moon Production.)

I always thought Tom Skerritt really looked the part. Unfortunately, at 80 years old, Marvel probably wants someone younger.

I’ve always thought Oded Fehr would be perfect, but (a) he doesn’t have Hamm’s star power, and (b) Hamm’s not a bad choice.