Which actor would make the best "Doctor Strange"?

If a movie ever used that Marvel character who would you suggest? Oddly enough I think David Hyde Pierce would do a good job.

He does carry the intellectual side of the character, but not the authority, IMHO. Remember, this is a character who is one of the big guns, and who is pretty much Marvel’s only line of defense from mystical threats (ok, and maybe Thor, but Thor is more physical). I’d suggest someone like…hmm…why is it all of the smart-yet-tough guys I can think of are British? I’d almost suggest Anthony Head, but I dunno how he’d look with a little mustache and that cloak.

Edward Norton.

Edward Norton. Ooo.

Timothy Dalton still looks the part.

…much as it pains me to admit this, Keanu Reeves.

How about Hugh Laurie? He can do the American accent, and he’s kinda got the look…

'sides, it would be fun listening to him going on about the “Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!” :slight_smile:

Meh. I can’t imagine any of these guys wearing a jetpack and carrying a ray gun.

Huh? What?

I’m going to have to say Timothy Dalton, too.

No, it should be an actor who doesn’t always speak in an annoying, high-pitched nasal monotone. It should also be someone who looks to be at least in his late thirties and whom the audience could believe had once been a gifted surgeon.

For the curious, a TV movie was made, back in the 70s : Link

And yet you left my pick, Keanu Reeves, alone.

Edward Norton can easily look the part, and has the acting chops to pull off the rest.

Ten, fifteen years ago, Kevin Kline.

Nowadays, Alexis Denisof from Buffy/Angel.

Ooh. Denisof is an amazing choice and I feel incredibly stupid to’ve not nominated him myself. If anyone’s better suited than Norton, it would be he.

Perfect on both counts!

And btw, count me as a fan of the TV movie.

Did anyone see the Full Moon Studios rip-off Doctor Mordred with Jeffrey Combs? Not that bad, actually.

Wow…the likeness is uncanny. :rolleyes:

It looks like they tapped John Holmes for the role.

Well… that women’s hand does look like she’s checking out his magic wand.

Geez, that does look like a bad 70s porn VHS cover…

Timothy Dalton and Alexis Denisof are great ideas!

Doc Strange seems to need to be a relatively older character (for him to become a respected surgeon, lose it all, spend years in a bottle, travel to Tibet, become Master of Mystic arts). Which is why I’m not seeing Norton or Keanu do it. But if they did want to go younger, (and I’m loathe to nominate megastars), a “Ninth Gate” Johnny Depp could fill the spot quite well.

Gilbert Gottfried!

Tom Cruise?

If you stuck some grey in his hair and gave him the right facial hair, I actually think I’d enjoy Johnny Depp playing Stephen Strange.

Or maybe Pierce Brosnan.