If i was to get married and chose to keep my maiden name and add/hyphenate my husbands last name. I then chose to give my children the hyphenated last names. What name would my child change?

I’d love to hear how people answer this. Here’s another similar question:

Suppose my kid has a hyphenated last name, and marries someone with a hyphenated last name. What kind of last name do their kids have?

Just to clarify, I realize that there are probably no laws to govern this sort of thing. The question relates more to what is actually happening with such people.

Ah, it shows male dominance creeping back in, but a two part last name is almost always the names of the two grandfathers. At least that’s the way they do it in Mexico, where it is common to have two part last names.

On a tangent, I had an accounting professor who was born and raised in Mexico. He family was predominantly Latin, but he had one Chinese grandfather and one Irish. Thus he was Dr. Wong-Boren.

Whatever name your child and his/her partner chooses to. If Jane Smith-Jones and John Doe-Black get married, Jane and John will probably spend a lot of time discussing it. If I were Jane, I’d probably try to talk John into becoming Mr. and Mrs. Jane and John Martin, so as to piss off each parent equally. :wink: