Joni Mitchell found unconscious, rushed to hospital


From one piece of billion-year-old carbon to another, I hope she’s OK.

And if she’s not, I guess I’ll see her in the garden.

We are stardust.

We are golden.

Good luck, Joni.

She is awesome

Recent NY Mag cover:

She is Saruman
(I keed)

I’m sure she’ll be okay.

One article I read reporting this called her “reclusive”. It included a picture of her at a recent Grammy related event. Yeah, recluses show up at Grammy events, do magazine cover stories, etc. :dubious:

She is “reclusish.” That defines a person who doesn’t give a lot of interviews but still ends up on magazine covers sometimes.

Yeah, I think ‘private’ would have been a better word.

tv news says awake and in good spirits.

I hope she’s okay.

The article in our local paper says she doesn’t perform because she says she has “Morgellon’s Disease”.

She self-diagnosed as a sufferer of Morgellons syndrome. It’s a psychosomatic delusion that sufferers imagine that fibers are coming out of their skin, and the fibers are parasites.

I saw that issue of New York magazine. I was appalled by the way she looked, a dozen years older than her actual age which is only 71. I didn’t foresee her collapse but I’m not at all surprised by it.

Most of us just call that “a flashback”.

How did they “rush” her? Ambulance or Big Yellow Taxi?

Yikes. That is a very specific syndrome.

I hope she’ll be okay and I really hope it isn’t lung cancer. She’s been a heavy smoker since she was a little kid and regarded tobacco as something almost holy.

As far as I have been able to detect, this is the first mention of what I suspect is going on with Joni. I’ve heard those stories about her and that was the first thing to cross my mind when I saw those early reports. They seem to be avoiding what to me is obvious.

Poor woman. Morgellons sounds like living hell.

New York Magazine article from Feb 2015:

The general claim is that the fibers are produced by parasites, by another sort of microorganism known/unknown to science, or something diabolical from a secret government project.

Joni Mitchell’s website hosts an article by someone speculating that environmental toxins cause Morgellons (the CDC study the article refers to essentially concluded that the ailment is psychosomatic).

It’s sort of ironic to be concerned about pseudo-environmental toxins and simultaneously be a smoker.