Jordanian change can come in handy

I was drinking at a bar in Penn Station last night. A Jordanian dude asked to use my cell phone. I let him use it and, as a gift, he handed me some loose Jordanian change.

Fast forward to the White Castle drive-thru. I ordered 5 jalapeno cheeseburgers and a medium coke for my nightcap. Yeah, I feel disgusting right now. Anyway, the total was $5.13. I only was able to scrounge up $4.83…in US money. I noticed that one of the pieces of Jordanian change in my pocket was very close to the size of a quarter. So I handed it to the cashier.

I just wanted to announce my appreciation for Jordanian change. Plus, the 25 dinar piece is cool. It’s 7-sided.

According to Google, 25 Jordanian Dinars = US$35.29.

I hope the burgers were good.

I dunno anything about Jordanian Dinars—but I can absolutely, positively, guarrantee you that White Castle hamburgers are NOT good. They aren’t even hamburgers.

The 25 dinars are only worth $35 if he can exchange them for American money without spending most of what he’d gain in the process. Is there a well-stocked currency exchange near you, Jackknifed Juggernaut? I’d think you’d need one for money from Jordan.

Besides, this way he gets a great story.

Note my location. I know exactly how awful they are. Not being a native I tried one once. That was plenty.

There’s no such thing as a 25 dinar coin, according to Wiki. There’s a 7-sided quarter dinar coin though.

Having been to Jordan and therefore having collected a few dinar and some coins, I can easily believe that someone would misunderstand the labeling system. I seem to recall standing in a hotel with someone who had her hand out, with coins on it, hoping that the Jordanian person we were interacting with could explain the coins.

The fact that we spent 3 days in Jordan out of 3 weeks in the Middle East might have had something to do with my failure to recall the details of the coins. I mostly thought about dinar in relationship to shekels.

Raygun99 is right. I just checked the coin and it says “quarter dinar”. For some reason, my mind translated that to 25 dinars.

As far White Castle goes, can’t live with it, but can’t live without it either.

Have you gone back and given the store their 25 cents yet?

Why? I’d assume that the store just passed it on to the next schmuck at the drive through. That’s what I do with the foreign coins I get at work…


He gave them 35 cents by my calculation.

Do you usually go into stores and ask for stuff you know you don’t have enough money for?

What did you use for the other nickel?

Sounds to me like he didn’t know he didn’t have the money for it until he was paying the bill.

My comment was meant lightheartedly. Shoulda added one of these: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d assume so too. That’s what I assumed the time I got a British 25-pence piece in my change at the drugstore, instead of a nickel. I was only surprised they’d taken it in the first place, since the coin’s actual resemblance to a nickel is very slight. It’s the same color and about the same size, but not only is the decoration completely wrong, it isn’t even round. Like the Jordanian coin, it’s seven-sided.

It’s worth considerably more than a nickel though, and I like foreign coins anyway, so I was happy with it.

I mis-remembered. I had 4.93 to begin with. I still had a nickel left. I really thought I had enough money. I forgot I spent $20 for a taxi earlier. I think that the coin I substituted for the quarter was a 5 piestres piece. I’m still left with the 10 piestres piece and, of course, the quarter dinar.

I don’t make it a habit of doing this. But this was just the easiest solution, given the time of night. I go through that drive-thru pretty regularly, so I don’t feel so bad. No cashier is going to get fired over a foreign coin in their register.