Jossie and the cats!

When this movie came out in theatres I avoided it at all costs, it looked horrible. It came on tv tonight and my friend Jessica forced me to watch it… and I love her for it!!! This movie is histarical and slightly touching in a nongaggy way. Parker Posey and Alan Cumming are two of my favorite actors and they do some of their best work in this movie! freaking out as a parker posey happens on the tv This movie is over the top and comically campy, do yourself a favor and rent it. The music isn’t that bad either. To sum it up, this movie is jerkin’! lol:D

This movie is the new pink! :wink:

Seriously though, this is one of my favourite films. It’s one of those movies I push on people (another being Galaxy Quest) and they are always pleasantly suprised.

By the way that should say “a parker posey ca.tfight”

I loved the cartoon and comic books as a kid, so I was chomping at the bit for the movie. Loved it, and bought the DVD and the soundtrack.

I’m also a huge Galaxy Quest fan.

Just so you know, the guy who created & claimed to own the movie rights to Josie And The Pussy Cats was shafted by Archie Comics, & died without ever seeing a dime of the money he felt was owed him.

Dan DeCarlo worked for Archie Comics for more than 50 years. They hid the movie deal from him, & when he found out about it & asked for his (quite rightful, in my humble opinion) share, they fired him!

After 50 years!!! He created the “Archie-In-House” cartooning style, & even created the “Betty vs. Veronica Want Archine” triangle.

The film was boycotted by comics fans.

I apologize for being one of Those People, but if you wouldn’t mind, I find that sharing my uncensored opinion of this movie energetically is a great stress reliever.

It usually end up like an impression of Lewis Black, but angrier.

Rachael Leigh Cook…MMmmmm…the goodness.

Good movie too.

Tara Reid’s lines pretty much made the movie for me.

Tara Reid made the movie for me.