Joy & Jesus

This is so mundane and pointless, but I had to share.

The doorbell rang while ago. One of our dogs, Maya (who happens to be nearly 100lbs.) was the first to get to the door, and she doesn’t like strangers at all. She sees herself as ‘the greeter’ around here, I guess.
When I got to the door, I saw that there was a young woman on the porch, trying to peek through the window. So, I opened the door. Maya was snarling, growling, and barking, right by my side. I could hardly make out what the young woman was saying…She was talking really fast. She shoved a bottle of Joy dish washing liquid at me, with a JesusTract attached to it with a rubber band. I took it from her. She quickly retreated back to the road, where another young woman was waiting, pushing a baby stroller, that had no baby, but it was filled with bottles of Joy & JesusTracts, along with a bag of rubber bands tied to the handle of the thing.
Apparently Maya scared her off. Good dog. She got lots of scritches and hugs.

Anyway, as I was putting away the Joy (I wasn’t about to throw that away, as I do have priorities), I went to toss the JesusTract into the trash, when I decided to look at it.
I don’t know what possessed me.

I see where they now equate Jesus with dish soap.
I had to stop before the end of the first paragraph. It said this:

‘This bottle of Joy is like the blood of Jesus. This bottle of Joy washes away the leftovers and the dirt. The traces of meals once enjoyed but have now lost their appeal.’

That was as far as I could force myself to go. Into the trash it went.

It boggles the mind.

To read free tracts is to stare into the mouth of madness. I got a great one over the summer about this nutty-sounding Water movie. And then there was this note on the windshield of my car.

Once, in Georgia, I got a couple of teenagers handing out – I shit you not – toilet paper with tracts attached. I should have accepted simply because it’s free TP.

Any symbolism I can come up involving TP and Jesus is freaky as hell.

Men’s Room LA is now going through my head