Okay, I’m sorry. :slight_smile: I know I haven’t been part of the SD community for terribly long…really, it is a bit early for me to be starting my own threads.

But, y’know, it was a Monday. And maybe y’all needed some extra umph in your day. :smiley: So, I thought I’d share my good news.

One thousand, six hundred and forty-three days after a little boy named Michael came into my life, his adoption has YEAH! been finalized. I officially, legally and everything, have a brother. It’s been a crazylong road. My mother’s been through a rough relationship and an emotional divorce. Many times, birth parents and blood relatives have threatened to intervene.

But, now it’s all official and that stress is gone from our lives.

Thanks for reading. :smiley: If ya feel like joining in the celebration, have a glass of champagne (sorry, I’m no good at ASCII art). And go through your day knowing that one little boy has been taken out of danger and out of the system and is part of a family that loves him bunches!

Congratulations! Good luck on the new sibling, they can be a pain sometimes but you grow to love each other between fighting and much gnashing of teeth and it’s all worth it.


When this thread gets long enough (and hopefully it will,) print it out and save it somewhere. Then give it to your brother when if he ever gets sad later on in life. :smiley:


When someone has such big news to them, especially good news, they shouldn’t let their post count stop them from sharing if they want. Good Luck.

That is really great news, moi. The world would be a better place if more families had enough love for more, like yours. Congratulations!

Gambit, thank you for this excellent idea! :smiley:

Oh, yay! Your new lil’ bro is very lucky to have a big sis like you!


Glad you liked it, moi. :smiley:

Thanks for the congrats, Kitty. Lucky for me, I think I get a lot of the joy of being the big sister without the bulk of sibling pains: I’m in my 20s and living in Pennsylvania, while Mike lives in another state with my mum.

So, basically, I got all of the good things of being an only child…but now when I visit home, I get to play Legos with him. :wink:

[latka voice]And now we do the dane of joy![/lataka voice]

Congrats, sweets