jpeg glitches in IE4

Recently my browser has been displaying some jpeg images with glitches - little black diamonds and other errors. The images appear normal if I save them and view them with Irfanviewer. A reinstall didn’t fix it.
I’m guessing I have a corrupted file somewhere. Anybody know any candidates?

Ughh… These people and there macs.

I will take a WAG here and also bump this back to Page 1.

Win95 and IE5 here. Disclaimer: IANA computer whiz.

My WAG would be: it seems to me that most stuff nowadays is expecting to find IE5 at the very least. Maybe you downloaded or installed something that wants IE5 and isn’t happy to find only IE4.

Solution: upgrade to IE5. It’s not that bad, really. :slight_smile:

What are your system specs? Windows 95/98/me/2000/nt, mac, linux, apple ii, commodore vic20?