jsgoddess, I <3 you!

While looking for idea on what to do with leftover corned beef, I happened upon your recipe for reuben soup, so I made it.

OMG! Good! I may never make reuben sandwiches again because all my leftover corned beef will be used for soup. Thanks for posting the recipe!

Glad you like it. It’s one of my very favorites, and considering my love for soup, that’s saying a lot.

Did you do a roux or the cream cheese route? Did you put the bread on the top? I usually don’t bother, but it’s awfully good.

He’s a lying bastard. I made it.

I thickened it with a slurry of cornstarch and water. He ate it from a bowl with nothing else on top of it. I didn’t partake, being of the sauerkraut-hating variety.

Ahh, my wife. I love her, but she cannot understand the nirvana that is reuben soup.

Seriousy, she made it with a roux. She refused to partake because she’s wathcing her weight, but I had 3 servings. Kill me now, but I’ll die happy sated with reuen soup.

And again I have to state, I used a slurry, not a roux. A roux is cooked fat/oil (I usually use butter) and flour. A slurry is made by mixing starch (cornstarch or flour) with water or some other liquid.

Ok I want to add that I sat there staring at “I less than 3 you” until I cocked my head sideways and went…hey that kind of resembles a heart!..ahhh

Ah. I’ve never tried it with a slurry because I can never make them smooth.

And then, after Weirddave toiled over the stove and made the delicious soup, he went off and gave birth to their son. That Weirddave-- he does everything!

Yes. He is a veritable pillar of womanly virtue.

Well, he’s a pillar. Of something.


Pffft! When the baby was born I watched. Do you know how hard that is? Women! Always wanting special status just cuz they squeeze the kids out their boom booms. How hard is that? You just try watching little missy. :rolleyes:
Although…I will put my cooking up against yours anyday dear, wanna play Iron Chef sometime? :dubious:

Allez cuisine!

The very saddest thing about this post is that I had to help him with the spelling.

You had three bowls of that? I hope you opened some windows! Poor Ginger!


Uh uh! No way! Unless it’s pernil or chicken fried steak-- I’d kick your non-spelling butt with either of those. Otherwise. . . I could decopauge the crap outta the serving plates.

Hay! I speel gud!