Judge me

Okay. I flirt a lot.

“Too much,” some say, but “What the fuck’s wrong with it?” I retort. I’m not involved, stuck on a ship half-way around the world from any type of potential relationship, with none on the horizon.

I plan on spending mega time with my son when I get home – every weekend if possible. I probably won’t be in the market for a serious (long) relationship upon my return either. I feel I need to spend that time devoted to him. I feel that’s my choice.

So I fool around with words on the internet. I pique curiosity. I gently slur some ladies in what I hope comes across as playful. I cajole. I titilate. I josh.

I’m willing to accept a little loneliness and be upfront with women I encounter. Does it make me a bad guy to be honest about knowing what I want, be willing to do want I want, while having a little fun?


Your flirtatious behaviour shows you have personality and charisma (spelling???). As a new member I have yet to appreciate the full spectrum of your behaviour, but I think flirting is good fun. You are not hurting anyone, and you are keeping some of us women very interested :wink: Keep up the good work.

But, who cares what anyone else thinks? Are you happy with who you are? Then F*** anyone who says otherwise!!

It makes you a horrible, evil person in my opinion- your willingness to flirt, and the skills you have in flirting, destroy any chance those extremely shy individuals such as myself ever have of receiving attention from those of the opposite gender. Bastard.

So stop grabbing all of the attention! Let the women of the SDMB focus their attention upon other men, preferably at random, which is probably the only chance I’ve got of ever getting flirted with.

So there. Nyah.

BTW- hope to see you in August; unfortunately, my ten-year reunion is dithering over which weekend in August they’ll be getting together, so I can’t quite RSVP yet.




it’s keelhauling and plankwalking for you, the irascible and gruff Chief Scott Beer.

<insert gratiuitous smiley here :smiley: >

Chief, I’m pretty sure that everyone knows where you are and so can figure out that a long term, serious relationship is physically impossible. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon. I personally think you should flirt MORE, especially with me. I’ll go get some of that cinnamon oil from Vestal Blue, he won’t mind, I’m on the waiting list for his attentions.

Chief -

Don’t know what brought this on (haven’t been reading many threads lately), but it sounds like someone criticized you for your flirting. Fuck 'em.

You’re one of the people who make this place fun.

Don’t change a hair!

ChiefScott: If you know what you want, have the ability to do what you want, and you can have fun doing it, you are way ahead of a lot of other people. Congratulations. As far as flirting goes, it’s part of who you are. It shows character. Don’t change that for anyone.

Whaddya think, I’m stupid? :wink:


I, for one, take great joy from your flirting. And it’s taken purely in the spirit intended. A little flirting goes miles in boosting my morale…and I like to return the favor.

Speaking of which: John…? I’ll flirt with you. Won’t be random. The shy-guy thing is nice. :wink:


Beware, women. I think he’s taking a new angle on being charming: defensively charming. (here is where I would insert a winky smilie, but in deference to the Chief, I will not. You’re welcome.)

Jesus H. Christ in a Murphy Bed—what are we COMING to if a SAILOR can’t flirt?!

Oh sweet lord…what have I done? hangs head
I can’t believe I did it…I have no excuse. Stupidity. Thoughtlessness. Lack of consideration.
I can only beg forgiveness.
Chief…can you? Could you? Is it too much to ask?
I used a…chokes, sobs smilie.
Mercy. Have mercy.

As Vesta Tilley used to sing:

“All the nice girls… Love a sailor
All the nice girls… Love a tar
For there’s something about a sailor
Well, you know
What sailors are
Bright and breezy
Free and easy
He’s the ladies pride and joy
Falls in love with Kate and Jane
Then he’s off to sea again
Ship ahoy! Sailor boy!”

Flirt away, baby! You big strong man in uniform with a girl in every port, you!

Huh, you never flirted with me. Even after all the shoepolish we shared. ::sob::

You’re a very Bad Man and you deserve a spanking!

Yes, a spanking! A spanking! And then the oral sex.


Outta the way, Chief, I found me a NEW boyfriend!

[sidling up to Rodd and asking him if he’s ever heard Marie Kendall sing “The Picadilly Trot”]

You must be loving this Chief!!

I, for one, find nothing wrong with you flirting. I flirt myself online, since it’s the only place I can flirt. If anyone’s got a problem with that, they can take it up with the Cecilian Mafia and my lead pipe.

is that I don’t get enough attention. But you just wait until you get my postcard…