Jules Bass (‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,’ ‘Frosty the Snowman’) passes away at 87

What to say? Jules Bass’ and Arthur Rankin’s specials have brightened up the holiday seasons for decades … both for my generation and my children’s.

A favorite Rankin-Bass production too often overlooked today.

Let’s not forget the Rankin/Bass animated “The Hobbit”, which introduced me and I’m sure tons of other kids to Tolkien. It’s still the best Hobbit adaptation IMHO.

Always loved that one…mainly for the songs.

“You hope (we hope)
And I’ll hurry (da-da-da-da)
You pray (we pray)
And I’ll plan (da-da-da-da)…”

Those Rankin-Bass productions were entertaining. They provided good holiday memories from my childhood.

From the picture, that looks like the one I saw as a kid and wondered why they drew everyone with three noses.

How can we forget, this of all weeks,…