July mini-rants. Who is this Julius Caesar guy anyway? Why does HE deserve a month?

Co-workers are clearing their desks in preparation for the long weekend - and I happen to be next in line for these processes. So I’m getting flooded with work. Some “rush” jobs.

My company’s management also makes it a practice to schedule deadlines just before holidays. So if there is any chance of not meeting deadlines they can direct the employees to work through the said holiday.

My idea was July-d to me!

I did this one last year.

Interesting coincidence this year. We Canucks and Americans both have long weekends right now, despite different holidays on different dates – Canada Day is today, Friday, while Independence Day is Monday. Happy Birthdays all around! :partying_face:

Yours is better. August will be tuff.never mind, Ive got a good one foe August.

“August of wind? Pull my finger for monthly mini-rants!”

Whatever you come up with, be sure you wait 'til August. Someone started June’s mini-rants a day early (presumably so everyone could see their oh-so-clever title). The Swiss timepiece embedded in my brain almost busted a spring.

Now in Australia we would recognise an golden opportunity, exploit that coincidence and declare, or simply just take a four day weekend.

I think that was me, because I am an asshole.


There, there. I’m sure you just got a great idea for a title (which it was!) and couldn’t wait.

Actually I waited until it was June on the other side of the globe so I technically was following the rules.

But that’s just an excuse.

I will forever be justly proud of my Got August Gripes? OP, from 2015.

What halcyon days those turned out to be.

My daughter’s dog got bitten at the park last night, and had a big flap of skin hanging off her side. Every emergency vet within 100 miles was booked solid and not accepting more animals. Today, ONE place could take her in. 9 hours later, she’s still getting treated. After x-rays and stitches, it’ll cost at least $1800. Hopefully the other dog’s owner comes through with the money.

I am making hot sauce. I don’t use the vent fan on my stovetop very often, but today that sucker is going full blast. Just getting close to the pot is making my lips burn.

Just got back from a haircut. I know there’s a tiny bit of hair clipping in my eye; I can feel it. But I’ve been looking and looking, using a flashlight, and damned if I can find it. I have light blonde/graying hair, so it’s invisible against my white eyeball.

That happens to me on occasion, I can always flush it out with water though.

The main thing is that the dog fully recovers. The furry four-legged critters love us unconditionally and deserve the same from us. If it’s any consolation, I once spent around the same amount for an MRI for my dog. It was not something I could easily afford at the time but I didn’t hesitate even for a second.

She’s back home, all stitched up. Her cone of shame is so large, she can hardly maneuver through the doorways. Hopefully she’ll get the hang of it soon, because she’s supposed to wear it for 14 days. If only we could train her to walk backward.

Glad to hear! Bernie had to wear the Cone of Shame after being “fixed”, and seemed to handle it OK, but Bernie was so big that any cone seemed small in comparison!

Incidentally, I initially misread your post as “after X-rays and skritches …”. I’m sure the good pup deserves skritches, but it wasn’t clear why they were so expensive!
:grinning: :dog:

Tomorrow I must take a plane. From Berlin Airport to Strasburg Entzheim, one stop-over in Frankfurt, back in four days. I know already I will hate the whole trip. The only thing I am not sure of is whether I should suffer silently on my own or bother everyone telling all the nasty, boring, absurd details I will have to endure.