June Allyson has died.

Here’s her IMDB biography but they don’t have the obituary yet.

She had such a memorable voice.

Warning: possibly tasteless (and probably bad) joke below:

If someone asks me whether I should be sad, because she died, or happy, because she’s in a better place right now, I’d have to say that it Depends.

The simul-poster of the duplicate thread called her “perky” but the world really knew her as “the crier.” On another bboard I frequent, an older man was telling how he named one of his cats June Allyson because it would not stop crying.

Wow I actually entered a celebrity death posting a full minute before Eve. :eek:

Sorry Eve. I know that you are usually extremely fast about posting such news.
I just happened to see the headline, went to Cafe Society to check if anyone posted this, and went ahead with posting the sad news.

I was not trying to make this a competition. It was a story that had to be told. :slight_smile:

Is she the one who sang “It’s A Most Unusual Day” in that movie with Clark Gable? I was watching “North By Northwest” the other day (they play it in the hotel scene) and thinking about that song.

This should be a lesson to all the aging stars, if you do an ad for any kind of potentially embarrassing product it will be mentioned in your obituary blurb.

Poor June.

I watched a lot of old movies with June in them. I liked her voice and the fact that she didn’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to be a leading lady.

You’re thinking of the equally perky Jane Powell in A Date With Judy (1948). But Clark Gable wasn’t in it.

Interesting trivia note, while she was making Strategic Air Command with Jimmy Stewart, her husband was directing John Wayne in The Conquerer.

One of her most famous roles was also opposite James Stewart. She played Glen Miller’s wife.

She always seemed to play the wholesome, girl-next-door roles in the Fifties. I can’t imagine her not being a very nice person.

She’s an actress that I like a lot, because of my weakness for any movie musical. I think my favorite movie of hers was Good News - she had a great sense of humor in it. “What cheese.”


I think you may be confusing her with Margaret O’Brien.

Thankfully I have Strategic Air Command to remember her by, instead of The Incredible Hulk and AirWolf.

Yes, she seemed like a sweet, albeit terribly earnest, girl next door.

:confused: As unlikely as this may be I think you may be confusing Margaret O’Brien with Margaret Sullavan, who at least was close to June’s age, size, and body type.

Now I will have to retire one of my favorite sayings…

When I’m in a hurry, I’ll often say "I’m gonna go faster than June Allyson after a six-pack.

She will be missed.

I haven’t seen Eve check in yet, so it looks like you’re ahead in the competition! :cool:
At any rate, I’m sorry to hear that June has died. She was a phenomenal crier; she was the only one even close to Doris Day in that field. Who was better? I’ll leave it for History to decide.

She is four posts ahead of you.