Junk Mail Derby - for the week of October 1-7

We did this last year (thread is [/url=http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=324492]here), and it was quite fun. Anyone up for a repeat?

The rules are simple (and the same as last year):

  1. Mail must be addressed to a member of the household or “The XYZ Family/Household” - “occupant” or “resident” doesn’t count.
  2. Imaginary prizes will be awared for such categories as most items received, strangest solicitation, duplicates, etc.
  3. Post your haul daily, by midnight PDT.

Anybody with me?

Grrr … of course I don’t preview. Link

You’re a mindreader! Today I got FIVE count 'em FIVE credit card solicitations, plus an subscription offer for Highlights for Children. My child is 21 and a college junior…

I’m in! Because this will guarantee that I get zip-nada-nothing that whole week! :smiley:

Looks like fun! I’ll play.

Too bad I can’t count yesterday. I’ve been dodging the nice lady from the Chamber of Commerce who visits new residents a la Welcome Wagon, and she apparently got tired of it and just left me an enormous stack of coupons, flyers, offers, swag, etc. all in a nice folder with my name on it. I would probably have won for quantity and variety. My favorite was a little screwdriver from a local bank. I wonder why a screwdriver?

Fools! Did you not learn last year? No one gets more junk main than the Briston household!

Oh yeah…it’s on…

Y’all don’t realize just how many coupons and “free magazines” a new baby will add to your mailbox! Gerber, Similac, Isomil, Pampers - they’ve all got to shill their products some way.

I’m in. Again. I too am in it for the benefit of reduced junk mail. :smiley:


I’m in.

Does it have to be a member of the household, or will anyone’s actual name as the addressee work? I get junk mail for my mother and my sister, and neither one of them have ever lived at this address.

Damn you! That was my secret weapon for retaining my Junk Mail King title! :slight_smile:

I’d love to try this one - When do we start?

I’m in. We get some weird junk mail. As well as weird junk mail for former residents; as long as it has an actual person’s name on it, will it count?

The rules from last year stated that it had to be a current resident … but I think getting junk mail for other people is even better! Since I’m calling the shots this year, I think we can have a special category for “most junk received for people who don’t live here - anymore or ever.”

Besides, I get stuff for my mother-in-law because she co-signed a loan for us, and we still get stuff for two owners ago. Just trying to boost my chances!

Know what…in the interest of fairness, I’m not going to participate this time. I’ll let someone else garner the glory.

Ok, ok, fine! The real reason is that I don’t really stand a chance of defending my title this year. Since we moved over the summer, a lot of the junk mail places haven’t had a chance to catch up to us. That, coupled with the fact that I’ll be away on the final day of the contest, lead me to my decision not to participate.

However – that doesn’t mean I won’t have anything to do with this year’s competition. Oh no, far from it – you see, much like UrbanChic did last time around, I’ll be providing the prize this year. The person who brings in the largest quantity of valid junk mail will receive an offical Briston Box 'O Crap. Yes, your junk mail could net you some of the junk I’ve got lying around here! Some of will even be of mild value!

I also moved, so I doubt I’m going to be anywhere near you guys. Too bad. It sounds like fun.

Ooh, I want to play! For some reason, people give my address when speaking with the Church of Scientology, so I get lots of icky Ron L. Hubbard stuff. I also get uh, solicitations for various sex training seminars for a prior resident. Junk mail addressed to me isn’t nearly as entertaining. I hope next week is a banner week!

Not sure if this qualifies as “junk” mail…

I discovered I had a long-lost bad check out there when in one day I recieved 23 solicitations from bail bond companies and 34 from lawyers.

Thanks for the heads up, guys. :slight_smile:

Oops! I guess I should have read the rules (OCT 1-7).

I hereby disqualify myself, but I’ll gladly take that pie sitting over there as a consolation prize…

Dang, already it’s having an effect - I only got one piece of junk today. We need to do this more often. :smiley:

My Dad has gotten a few things from a credit union to which he doesn’t belong. Amazingly, they spell his last name correctly, a rarity in mass mailing, but for some reason they think his first name is Rowena. No one in our family has a name anywhere remotely like Rowena, most certainly not him! Oddly, there was a Rowena in our building up until about eight months ago but her last name wasn’t anywhere remotely like ours.

Anyway, I’m in, though I doubt I’ll get anything prizeworthy.

I’m in. I doubt I’ll win the main prize, but I think I have an honest shot at the “People Who Don’t Live Here” award.

One of the joys of being a renter.