Just a reminder, NBC comedies return tonight

Community! 30 Rock! Parks and Rec! The Office! And some mediocre looking show called Perfect Couples shoved in the middle so you watch it!

And Outsourced stuck at the end, so you can change the channel after 30 Rock!

I’ve got my DVR set already, to run from 7-9:30 (CST). I’m planning to just start playing back Community at around 7:30, so I’ll skip right past Perfect Couples and onto The Office and 30 Rock. Woot!

I wish they’d stuck the new show first so I wouldn’t have to choose between Big Bang Theory and Community.

Well, that’s hardly fair to a brand new show. I’m watching it right now. And rapidly losing interest. But at least I recorded BBT.

These people just storm into the bedrooms of this couple. They also didn’t ring the doorbell or knock when they game over for game night.

That new show is godawful, and they have it sandwiched between Community and The Office to make it hard to avoid. I hate when they do that with crap new shows.

they should move outsourced to a new night to give it a chance.

also, i don’t think NBC realizes how many 18-24 year olds they’ll be losing to Jersey Shore at that 10pm spot. i mean, 30 rock is great, but it’s not invincible. 10pm start, going against JS, and baldwin leaving the show? they’re pretty much putting that show to pasture aren’t they? and not very gracefully at that…

I missed Community but I started watching at the Office. So far so good.

I’ve been a big Parks and Rec fan but was a little disappointed by tonights episode.

Outsourced has improved. I didn’t watch it last night because I was exhausted. But I DVRd it. I remember very well how terrible Parks & Recreation was in its first season, and Outsourced isn’t that good, but it isn’t that bad. I’m not even bothering with Perfect Couples, though. That’s when I’m cooking dinner.

Really? I started a thread if you want to discuss it, but I thought it was incredibly strong.

I guess I’m one of the few who actually gave Perfect Couples a chance before dismissing it. Thought it was pretty good, and I’ve enjoyed whatshisname since The Worst Week. NBC will have at least one return viewer for it.

I thought Perfect Couples was horrible too - but I usually give a new sitcom a few shows to try and find its feet.

Man, some of you have got to get with the times. I have an unlimited channel DVR that removes the commercials for you. I’d mention the name of it, but it would violate the SDMB rules.

Community! The Office! 30 Rock! … the rest of them can go to hell. I don’t even TRY new shows until they’re a. certified bonafide on Cafe Society and b. get a real contract (looking at you, The Event).

outsourced is getting some SDMB love. i prefer it to the office, as do many others (i think).

Outsourced looked to me as a “first show to be cancelled this season…IF it were on a channel other than NBC. Instead it’ll be cancelled when that dreck P&R needs its time slot”. I didn’t hear even one positive review of it, so I’ll have to investigate further.

So NBC is REALLY gonna do 3 hours of comedy the rest of this season???

I thought Perfect Couples was really funny. And I was expecting to hate it, but it was great.

Although the “ruined anniversary” was pretty over-the-top and stupid. And somehow the perfect wife felt justified in blaming the perfect husband for the screwup even though it was all her fault.

30 Rock has had a five season run. They’ll do a hundred episodes, be in syndication forever, and Tina Fey will become very, very rich.

I don’t think they’re too concerned about losing ratings at this point.

I am perplexed by NBC’s promotion of Perfect Couples. How in the hell are they not plastering Olivia Munn’s name all over everything? She doesn’t even come up in it’s top 4 cast member listing.

We’re friends with another couple that loves Outsourced so we decided to give it a try last night after 30 Rock. I thought the dude’s singing and dancing fantasy in the beginning was sort of funny but it quickly went downhill. Five minutes later when my wife suggested we had better things to do upstairs, well, that was the end of that.