Just a test sig


I’m just
dipping a toe
into the perverbial
message board pool

Looking at my sig

Yeah, right, how’s it going Oscar? How’s the weather in Corvallas?

Interesting…I can delete and modify sigs of other users in the “God Mode”. Hehehe. Just be really glad that I didn’t put in what I WANTED to write…

Dang it, Tuba, quit kicking me under the table!

If you put in what you were tempted to put in, Lynn, you probably would have had to move this thread to the pit!

I for one think you mods do a great job, especially considering that you’re doing it essentially for free.

Yes, I’ve been bad. But under the circumstances, isn’t that new screen name a perfect fit?

your humble TubaDiva
First rule of the SDMB: “Don’t Be a Jerk.”
Second rule of the SDMB: “Don’t Piss Off the Moderators.”

Pretty soon I won’t know who posted what, or why, or what happened to them . . . but then again, that kind of knowledge could be dangerous for me.

Lynn & Tuba,

Not to commit the cardinal sin of casting doubt on your awsome powers, but the one place that the offending screen name remains is in the thread-starter on the main ATMB screen. I’m wondering if there’s another setting on your magic wands to change that.