Just an interesting fact...

Googling something totally different, I was immediately struck by this definition:

Decemberist – “an upper class intellectual who desired to reform the government on Radical Republican lines, using whatever means came to hand,” from the abortive Russian Revolution of December 1825 and its aftermath.

Somehow I found this totally hilarious, and the proper place to report it to be the Pit. :slight_smile:

Well, that is funny!

It’d be true too, if it weren’t for that “intellectual” disclaimer. :slight_smile:


Of course, in Tsarist Russia, the Republicans WERE the liberals.

december would have been a staunch Tsarist.

Well, part of that definition is certainly true, as I think we can all admit to december being a “radical Republican.” And hey, how do we know he’s not “upper class”?

Because if he were, he’d know how to capitalize his own name, Duke.


Well I guess that Decembrist’s friend from the Rhine that Mandelstam refers to in the poem Decembrist is not you Coldfire :smiley:

The Rhine’s just one river flowing through my country. Besides, it springs in Switzerland, so I’d say it’s fairly neutral. :wink:

In Soviet Russia, decemberist reports you!

Yes, but he would have claimed not to be taking advantage of the status quo.

Oh. An intellectually mindless and emotionally cruel pitting of December. Must be Monday.

You know, Lib, I occasionally agree with the points December tries to make, once I take the time to read past the innuendo and divisiveness of his OP-writing technique. If a Bizzaro-Lib. troll registered and started promoting Libertarian Objectivist Christianity in a manner that was calculated to offend, would you not find yourself chagrined at what he was doing?

I’m a liberal Democrat who loves his country and who sees his proper role in opposition to some – not all – steps proposed by Republican leaders, and in support of a few of them. I object strongly to being painted as identical to a negativist who sees nothing good in America because I’m not a good little mindless follower of the Gospel According to GWB. You’ve objected strongly to the painting of your ideal Libertaria as an anarchy – government has its proper, if limited, place in your vision.

I and others were amused by the coincidence between December’s chosen screen name and the definition given to leftist intellectual ferment in 19th Century Russia.

I’m not against the man, nor am I completely opposed to his ideas – I weigh each individually, and support or not as I see appropriate. What I am opposed to is his smarmy, innuendo-laden style, and his fondness for twisting every issue into a question of whether it’s pro-Israel and pro-Republican Party.

Apropos of religion and politics, a strongly conservative friend at the Pizza Parlor quoted to me:

Fortunately, I had a riposte available:

I don’t think that anything I say would change your mind about December, so I won’t go there. I’ll only say this: you have been given much; therefore, much is expected of you.

You are a singularly beloved figure here. That’s not your fault, but that’s the way it is. When someone else gently tweaks, it is a gentle tweak. But when you gently tweak, it has nearly the force of law.

A lot of people are going to swipe at me for my stance here, but you know what I am talking about. Your station requires that you exercise diligence in how you deal with people. December might be completely out of line. I don’t see it myself, but I take your word for it that you do. Nevertheless, nothing more is required from you than a rebuttal, and a hundred people will “me too” you.

I fight against ten people at once about libertarianism. You do not do that with liberalism. The board is predominantly liberal, or at least it seems that way to me.

It might be unfortunate that you alone are at the pinnacle of Christian representation here, but that’s the way it is. Love is not necessarily mushy, but it is never unfair. You don’t need to fire your guns at December; a mere wave of your hand is all that is required.

If he attacks you, it is not the same weight as you attacking him. No one. Will Ever. Read a post from December to you and go, “Gee, Poly, he really put you in your place. Your position is indefensible.”

December has no support here. Certainly not compared to you. He is a little man, and you are a big man. Even if he is a pain in the ass, he is no match for you. He gets pitted plenty enough.

I don’t know about the left or right, and I really don’t care about either one. They’re both folly as far as I’m concerned, but I’m not talking about left and right. I’m talking about greatest and least. If you want a Bible verse, here’s one:

“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me’.” — Matthew 25:40

Heard, understood, and thank you. Sincerely. You know full well, from the very insight you’ve shared, what having that gentle chastisement means to me. And I’m grateful. :slight_smile:

Lib, if you truly believe Poly is alone at the pinnacle of Christian representation here, you might want to check with the rest of the board;) I mean, and I think Poly will understand that, no disrespect whatsoever to him when I say that he has more hands to hold there than his own. I think the thread was meant as a joke, I think people took it in that spirit. Maybe december even smiled.

[sub]Insert scriptural passage here: I’m no Bible dueler:)[/sub]

Lib, I have to admit that for the most part I have to agree with you when it comes to the ongoing denigration of December on this board which I compare to the treatment of those who are different in high school.

In this particular case however I found the coincidental yet contradicting nature of politics and "December/Decembrist to be funny and worthy of report. I do wonder however why it was reported in the Pit. Fodder for December bashing? Hey no one is perfect, but I’m glad you brought it up Lib.

**, I see Poly has responded. Good.

I love you. Gosh, how I love you. :slight_smile:

Hey, isn’t the gurgly, love-filled shit why MPSIMS is here? Poor Alphagene having to read all this mushy shit:D

Agape is all well and good, but let’s see some eros! (turns on cheesy 70s thump-thumpa porn soundtrack)