December, hypocritical simpleton

In this thread , I asked why people were Republicans. I asked in IMHO, since I was curious about how real people, not hardened dogmatic GDers, would respond. So the mods eventually kicked it into GD anyways, and everyone’s favorite pit-magnet, december, felt moved to share his great wisdom on this point with the world.

Given the passion of his posts, I was expecting a well-thought-out position, even though he often plays the stooge of the right-wing radio morons when posting.

It turns out I was wrong-- I was seeing the passion of the convert. Herewith some comments on the deep motives of december:

So, at the bottom, this is a reaction, not a reasoned decision. In fact, he says he’s pro-choice, but has presumbably voted for every anti-choice candidate since 1975: each candidate intent on appointing judges who will overthrow the right to abortion ASAP. This is therefore ultimately a self-defeating notion, and shows a lack of knowledge of the political system he believes he commands.

Translation: I am a reactionary and so limited in my moral vision that I see only black and white, no shades of gray. “If you oppose my government, you oppose my form of government,” he believes.

Translation: “I want to cut out every program with social benefit, because no one deserves my help. It’s not like I ever benefitted from public support… oh, except for that whole thing when the good taxpayers of California subsidized UC Berkeley for me. Whoops! I must be a hypocrite!”

Translation: “I prefer lies about foreign policy, like Nixon on Vietnam and Reagan on Iran, than efforts towards peace, like Carter on the mideast and Clinton on N. Ireland. I choose to ignore these ideas because I find them threatening to my hollow worldview.”

Translation: “I believe that plaintiff’s attorneys have much more influence on public policy than corporate lobbyists. Despite the fact that probably the latter contribute 100 times the dollars to candidates.”

Translation: “I believe that poor people deserve to be screwed. Why should anyone who’s poor have the right to refuse religious education? They should be happy for what they get.”

Translation: “I rely on right-wing media to do my thinking for me. I refuse to reason through why I feel that affirmative action is wrong, and will instead allow myself to substitute the shorthand that my brainwashers have suggested to me.”

Translation: "I do not read the news. Instead, I read only conservative commentaries on the news.

Translation: “I do not know how the budget-writing process works. Even though there have only been two years of the last twenty that the GOP has not had control of either the presidency or at least one house of congress, I belive the GOP is not complicit in all the government waste I see.”

Translation: “I am a hypocrite. I was a Democrat-hater before the latest campaign finance reform ever came up, but now that I can make myself believe they no longer stand for the things I know are right, I will clutch at it. I will ignore the flag-burning amendment, prayer in schools, etc., and pretend that they are less compromising to freedom of speech than needed campaign finance reform.”

In short, december is little more or less than a hypocritical simpleton. He has no more ideas than he can receive from right-wing agitators and no positive conviction that his espoused party is right. All his energy is negative, all his ideas are opaque, and all his intellect is void.

I became a Republican for the free toaster and low-fee checking.
P.S. Your ‘translations’ are stupid, but I give your Pitting a solid B. Not much vitriol to it, but all sorts of quotes. Not bad.

No offense, nogginhead, but did this really have to end up as a pit thread? Did december say anything flagrantly offensive or worthy of a pit roasting? Based on the quotes you pulled for this post, not really. It looks like you simply disagree with the guy and that this should have been your next post in the GD thread.

This post is nothing but a series of strawmen. You’re putting words in december’s mouth and, IMHO, you owe him an apology.

I was going to be less kind, but yeah, what THespos said. Reading between the lines is one thing, but making up lines to read between is another.

Translation: Steaming pile of elephant shit.

Now That was funny!!!

Damn. I was hoping nogginhead would call him a Nazi somewhere in there. He showed good use of the ad hominem argument and is clearly comfortable with the strawman, but he could have achieved the triple crown all in one post if he’d gone for Godwins.

Well, good effort. Better luck next time.

More than that. You were the OP of the thread. The thread was specifically designed to ellicit a Republican viewpoint. You received a Republican viewpoint. What more could you possibly ask for than to have december of all people respond to you?

There is not a single “translation” in your OP that is followed by a rational explanation as to why your viewpoint is correct. Hell, there’s nothing to convince me that ANY other viewpoint is correct because there isn’t one supplied.
The only thing I see is someone trying to pit december because he’s december and trying to bash a legitimate opinion merely because you happen to disagree with it.

Translation: “I was lying out my ass when I started that other thread. I don’t give a shit about the Republican viewpoint because I’m happy living in my little self-contained universe.”

Awww, fuck.

Translation: We will be doing these ‘comment/translation’ things for a while now.

Tranlation: Brutus regrets being first to post in rapidly developing train wreck and not having made obvious joke when he had the chance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Methinks nogginhead has been spending too much time on the new Babelfish “English --> Strawman” Translator[sup]TM[/sup].

It’s always painful watching someone start up a Pit thread hoping for a pile-on of their intended victim and it backfires.

I get to pit december next. I’ll critique his poetry. Why don’t people debate him in GD instead of running to the pit? He’s not even rude.

comment (with apologies to Brutus): nogginhead is a tool.

translation: nogginhead is a tool.

Good grief, people. If you’re going to pit december, at least come up with more than some dry ice and a compact mirror. The two threads we’ve had “pitting” december have been fucking pathetic.

This would be a valid concern if abortion was the only issue at hand; however, there are myriad other issues involved in party politics.

Also, as a pro-choicer, I can’t fucking stand the term “anti-choice.” It reeks of sheer and utter disrespect for the opposing position, and that’s not good for healthy debate. Of course, if you were after healthy debate, you would have made an intelligent OP instead of drawing specious conclusions from an even-handed explanation by a Republican of why he is a Republican.

Yup, this rates at least an 8.5 on the Backfire-O-Meter.

I’d give it a 10.0 myself. No one has yet agreed with the OP.

I got a very strong feeling that nogginhead was fishing for attacks in his “Republican” thread, this thread seems to only confirm it.

Sorry that these lame examples are the best you could come up with. Next time I will tell my Republican brethren to be more close-minded and rabid than usual for you.

Well, I, for one, was happy he put out the translations. I mean, december was so unclear and incomprehensible in his reply that I thought a certain unnamed poster from a small island country in the northern hemisphere had stolen his password.