Just for TYPO

Please visit the the link below. It was created for the sole purpose of tormenting Typo-mna
No, really. I swear.

click to torment Typo-mna


No, seriously. Rolling on the GAWDDAMN floor laughing my GAWDAMN ass off!

Miss C, that rulez the skool.

First, this is the first thread I’ve had directed at me. Makes me feel all tingly.

Second, I hope you’ve found a store that sells handbaskets built for two, because:

Third, you’re both going to hell.

Y’all have way too much time on your hands:)[sub]says the guy with nearly 7000 posts…yeah, I know…[/sub]


That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. :smiley:

seriously bizarre…

Cracked me up!!!

Such a mellow dog.

I tried to get mine to wear the santa hat, but he wasn’t too keen on the idea.

I don’t know about this…

What don’t you know?

I checked out the site… DId not find it funny in the least!!!

Poor dog!. Can I take it you are american??? Only americans could humuliate their pets this way!!! Yeeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Yes, because animals have fashion sense. :rolleyes:

So here’s what some of you don’t know:

Lilly is a tiny little dog. You might look at her and make the assumption that she is a puppy, but she is somewhere around ten years old. She has problems with her feet. She is also nigh-hairless. We live in Chicago, where it is cold and frequently either raining or snowing.

To go outside to do her business, Lilly needs to wear booties. If she doesn’t, her paws get red and irritated. If she does not wear a sweater or coat, she shivers and shakes non-stop, and takes a long time to warm back up.

At the most recent get-together, several people were amused to tears by her wardrobe. Seeing that there was no harm in it, we got some other clothes to dress her in for a picture taking opportunity.

She enjoys the attention. She just doesn’t like to sit away from people long enough for a picture to be taken.

Before you start casting stones, make sure that you have a target, lest you hit yourself.

Dude, you just spent more time defending yourself than you should have.

Lilly’s ADORABLE. :slight_smile:

Good grief, Miss/Mr C, you may have permanently damaged Lilly’s self-esteem!


I don’t put Lilly in dresses everyday! She wore these little “ensembles” for all of about 1/2 hour that it took to take these pictures. As my dearest Mr. Cynical stated, Lilly needs protective gear for the cold Chicago weather. She does NOT wear clothing at any other time. Also, Lilly is a dog, and not a particularly bright dog at that. Even if she was being humuliated, she’d never know.

Keep this in mind…I adopted Lilly. She came from a puppy mill and the idjit that bought her abused and neglected her. This poor excuse for a human allowed Lilly’s nails to grow so long that they impaled her pads. When the alleged owner brought Lilly to my friend’s animal hospital, her feet were infected so badly she could barely walk and was half bald. This woman wanted the dog put to sleep as ‘she was too much trouble to take care of’

In the time she has been with me (4 years) Lilly’s bald patches are gone and her feet are well cared for. She is well fed, warm and very much loved. She goes to retirement homes to visit the elderly and loves children. She loves people and doesn’t bark or bite.
However I do. So if you REALLY think she is being humiliated:


Ooooh how cuuute!!!
May I share some of my aminals?

jailhouse dog


boat-safety doggie
Somewhere I have a picture of one of my cats (Ding) wearing a bunny suit… for now I’ll just share this picture of her in a very elegant and fashionable auburn wig: pretty kitty

As for those who think that dressing up animals is cruel… it all depends on the animal’s reaction. It looks to me like Lilly doesn’t really mind wearing clothes. I had a cat named Milo once who I put a harness on once and she just about flipped out. Obviously she wasn’t the sort to want to be dressed up. Another cat of mine, Sidel, used to ADORE being dressed up. We dressed her up as a fairy princess one Halloween and I swear she was positively GLOWING. So if the animal obviously hates it, then yeah it would be mean to keep doing it. If the animal doesn’t mind, where is the harm??

Okay, who or what is “Typo-mna” and why would he or she (or it) be tormented by this? :confused:

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Reminder - if anyone wants to start (or continue) a fight about the pictures to which the OP provides a link, please do so in The BBQ Pit.
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Lilly knows you were laughing at her when you took these. I can tell by the look in her eyes.

Oh, too, too funny! I think my (2 year old) daughter has been secretly logging onto your site – she keeps trying to dress up our lab, usually in her bathing suit.

And might I add that I’ve always felt that in a truly just jworld, the abusers of children and animals would have done to them whatever it is they’ve done to their victims.