Just got my first push survey by mail

It’s for Arbor Day Foundation, claiming to be the 2016 Arkansas Tree Survey. The survey is very clearly designed with leading questions to get me to donate money to them. Some of the questions:
[li]Have you ever climbed a tree?[/li][li]When you were a child, did you ever play under or amongst trees?[/li][li]Do you ever relax in the shade of a tree?[/li][li]Which of the following do you consider to be the most important function of trees?[/li][/ul]

The survey is available online, too, where they ask you for your survey number. But the number is actually optional. (I question whether I should even link it. If you want to see it, Google Arbor Day survey.)

They also have me listed as Mr. <My Name>, Jr, and gave me a bunch of mailing labels with that. And a calendar. And some coupons to get “free” trees from them–if you send in an donation. You also get in a drawing for free coffee for a year!

It was just so funny, seeing such a transparent attempt to pass this business thing off as some government survey. Anyone else gotten this or something similar?

Guess I’ll bump this once. I’m still curious if anyone else has gotten this junkmail or something like it.

I got one from the Trump campaign, with the same biased questions and a solicitation for money.

I’m still trying to figure out a creative way to answer it.


I like trees.

About 20 years ago we responded and got 10 tree saplings for $10. We planted them and they all did well and were beautiful trees. Two decades later I can still see them growing well in the latest google street view of our old house.

If they are somehow making a profit on that, well good for them.

I took the poll part to be obviously tongue in cheek and more or less a parody of push polling.

You could just respond to the Arbor Day Foundation push poll the same way I respond to political ones - defy their expectations.

  1. Never climbed a tree. Nasty, sappy things.
  2. My parents wouldn’t let me play around trees. Wild things poop out of them.
  3. What, you want me to get vitamin D deficiency by hanging out in the shade? Also see #2.
  4. The most important function of trees is to be turned into paper products and furniture.

note: based on online reviews I’ve seen, the Arbor Day Foundation is not the best source of cheap trees for planting. I’d instead go with what local horticulture groups and state agriculture agencies might be offering (sometimes they have special projects/promotions).

I’ve seen some great ones from the Republicans asking me to rate how much I hate Hillary and how much everything she does is concerning to me.

Well, I’m also not really interested in the trees. We planted too many in our yard when we got here years ago, thinking they were bushes.

The only reason I might do it is to sign up for the drawing for a year’s worth of coffee–which requires no donation.

We dig up small trees growing in inappropriate places and relocate them.

Hey, free trees!


Have you ever climbed Donald Trump?
When you were a child, did you ever play under or amongst Donald Trump?
Do you ever relax in the shade of Donald Trump?
Which of the following do you consider to be the most important function of Donald Trump?

The first three are tough but I’m pretty sure the answer to the last one is providing lumber.

Review of the Arbor Day Foundation:

Do they have a comment section? Ask them how they can justify all the trees they killed to send out all these surveys.

Yesterday I received precisely the same survey, except it was the 2016 Indiana Tree Survey. Even included the same coupons for free trees and free coffee.

Sadly, we don’t need anymore trees on our property. As a matter of fact, we had to have one removed because the roots were threatening to undermine the foundation of the house. Sorry, Arbor Day Foundation.

:smack: of course!

you win the thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Does “inappropriate places” include that new development under construction, local schools & parks? :o

“Inappropriate places” for me would be near our house, along the drip line of the barn’s roof, the paddock, our gravel parking area, in the rain gutter, etc.:slight_smile:

Our local conservation district has a tree sale every spring and the prices are pretty good.

Trump asked you to donate to the Arbor Day Foundation? :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you be less willing to vote for John McCain if you heard that he has a black walnut tree in his backyard?

Yes, to cut it down.

Yes, in its slaughtered corpse after I cut it down.

Yes, in the house I built using non-sustainable wood.


Did you know that many Mexican plants can release their seeds into the air and spread their offspring on our soil?