"Just Liza and Me, and Baby Makes Three . . ."

LOS ANGELES (AP) - It will be a girl for Liza Minnelli and new husband, producer David Gest, in January. That’s when the couple will adopt a 3-year-old child they’ve already named Serena. “This baby is the most important thing to us,” the couple said Thursday in a written statement. “Our obligations as parents will become first and foremost before anything else.”

—Jesus Pill-Popping Christ! Child services is actually going to allow an innocent three-year-old to be adopted by Neely O’Hara and the Phantom of the Opera?! This is a tell-all book waitin’ to happen . . .

Damn I was so hoping that I misunderstood the thread title.

Eek. Just plain eek.

Serena Minnelli Gest. Poor little thing.

. . .Why do I have the nagging suspicion that Serena is a boy?

Specific parents aside, they’re renaming a three-year-old child? Not enough trauma getting new parents and a new place to live, but having to get a new name too?

Something ain’t right about that.

I almost fainted at the thought of Liza being pregnant. :eek:

I see a “New, for the 2000’s” version of Mommie Dearest within the next 20 years.

Poor kid!

If I read the stupid Cindy Adams gush of this info, didn’t Liza say about the baby, “She’s Christian.”
It was so out of left field, I just skipped it and read on…

Poor little kid - course, it could have been worse…Michael Jackson seems to be snapping up orphans as well.
Is this some sort of celeb fad? Botox out, Toybox in?

Oh dear, isn’t that the playdate from hell, DMark?

[truly evil thought]Y’know, when Judy was Liza’s age, she’d been dead for 9 years. Rich orphandom can’t be that bad…[/truly evil thought]

Oh, but wait, there’s…um… auntie “daddy” too.


Conan O’Brien did a bit on that a couple of nights ago.

C O’B "Today Liza Minnelli and David Gest announced that they will adopt a baby girl. When reached for comment, the baby said “Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather take my chances on the street!” Or something to that effect.

Made me chuckle. And wince for the wee, poor babe.

ducks under the covers clutching stuffed chameleon

That’s frightening.

I can only echo what wring said.


Maybe their nanny is really, really nice. One can only hope.

Channel 17
The Queens of Manhattan

The Queens of Manhattan are surprised when Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor throw a baby shower for the arrival of the couple’s adopted daughter. Party snack include bowls of Percocet and Darvon, chilled bottles of Absolut, and lines of cocaine arranged to spell out “IT’S A GIRL!!!” Hilarity ensues when LIza, David, Michael, and Liz are joined by Bobby Trendy, who has been commissioned to decorate the nursery.

I hear they’ve hired Sylvia Miles.

Meanwhile, my friends down the street, who are great parents ,and wish to adopt a child must go to 8 WEEKS of classes in order to just GET ON THE LIST!!!