Just paid for membership then realized I didn't say who it was from!

I just paid for an annual membership then it struck me that my paypal email address is different from my SDMB listed one. The paypal one has my pezpunk in it so I am assuming the powers that be will figure it out. Is this a safe assumption or has my $4.95 just been sacrificed to the SDMB gods?

Check your PayPal e-mail receipt for the item number you’ve purchased. It should be “1_USERNUMBER”, without the quotes, where USERNUMBER is your user number (1220, in your case – you can find it by clicking on your name next to your post, and viewing your profile. Your user number is in the address bar up top, at the end). If this is so, then your transaction should have gone through. I know this because I have paid for more than one person in exactly this fashion, and obviously my PayPal address varies from each of theirs.

Short answer: It didn’t make you a Charter Member.
You still say Guest, even after posting.