Just seen Iron Man 3 [OPEN SPOILERS]

It was all rather good actually. It seemed more densely plotted than your average Super Hero movie, not counting Dark Knight, but this managed to get lots of humour in there as well as the drama. Some good twists too. It felt very much like a Shane Black movie, so if you like his stuff, you’ll love this.

A few nice call backs to the Avengers, but very much its own standalone movie.

Anyone want any spoilers?

Saw it yesterday. I’m pretty sure it’s the best 3rd superhero film I’ve seen. Certainly makes up for Iron Man 2.

Plot spoilers (duh)The last fight at the end with the 41 (maybe 39, does the Mark I and War machines count?) Iron Man suits had me giggling like a little schoolboy. The bit with Pepper kinda becoming Rescue, and it instead turning out to be Chekhov’s Gun was a brilliant piece of writing. I have no idea where Iron Man is going after the end of 3, (could the Avenger movies be the last hurrah from RD Jr?), but it’s been a good run.
I initially pretty scathing about Ben Kingsley playing the Mandarin, but he is absolutely brilliant in the part. Bravo Mr Black, bravo.

Struggling to think of a better one. I would need to see three again, but I think it might even be better than the first one.

Initially, I was a little disappointed with the way the Mandarin worked out, just because I’d like to have seen Ben Kingsley in full on villain mode, with rings ablazing. However, the way they did it made perfect sense, and was played very well. Killian stepped up to fill to role of villain quite nicely

What do you consider the top 2? Iron Man is probably my favorite, and I’d throw in the Incredibles if it qualifies. Beyond that, I think we start to dip into ones that are good but still flawed (Avengers, the Nolan Batman films, etc…)

Best 3rd, not 3rd best. As in better than Spiderman 3, X-men 3, Dark Knight Rises etc

Snippeted by me.

I’m so glad to see someone else acknowledging that the Incredibles is a freaking awesome superhero movie, and I don’t care if it IS animated. Absolutely a brilliant work.

Pretty much took the words right out of my mouth Bakhesh

Superhero movies tends to follow the pattern of

  1. Origin story
  2. Now the hero’s establish, lets throw lots of conflict their way.
  3. Err… more conflict (DK Rising)? Raising the stakes to stupid levels (X-Men 3)? Musicals? (Curse you Spiderman 3!)

Had some funny lines and scenes, not enough “wow” scenes where I felt catharsis. I thought the antagonists were a letdown, even before cats were let out of bags. For instance, their motivations were unclear. The bad guys had a drug that could make them all billionaires even with the side effects-- it might never be approved by the FDA but plenty of desperate people would gladly travel to whatever undeveloped country would approve it-- so I was left to conclude that the main bad guy was motivated by hurt feelings. Yes, it’s a comic book movie, but it was one where I got fidgety, and I like comic book movies. Boredom gave me time to wonder why everybody had fireproof clothes and hair and how somebody could possibly shoot through a steel cable while dangling one handed from a shipping container.Wasn’t worth seeing in the theater for me, which is odd given how well it’s doing with critics.

It was good. Some questions about the ending:

Why did Pepper destroy 1 suit to kill the bad guy? How did she kill the bad guy? It looked like she hit a metal rod at him then shot him with the suit arm? Also, I hope Stark destroying the suits and removing the metal pieces from his heart doesn’t mean he’s stopping being Iron Man.


The ‘I’ve’ is understood.

Haven’t seen it yet but I was somewhat concerned by seeing Ben Kingsley as yet another vaguely Oriental villain. Is this any different from all those other roles?

Oh yes. Very.

Don’t forget this one.

Not so much of a villain in that one.



I know this is a judgment call, but do you think the movie had anything grossly inappropriate for a 9 year old?

Until he gets nukes, that is.

No, it should be fine. I brought my 12-year-old, and didn’t cringe once.