Just thought of a funny T-Shirt...

Ok, in a hypothetical situation where someone helps the US find Osama Bin laden and they dont pay them the $25 Million (for whatever reason) this shirt would be pretty funny…
“I Found Bin Laden and all i got was this T-Shirt”

Are you related to Jack Handey in any way?


who, may i ask is Jack Handey?

He is the character who did the `Deep Thoughts’ skits on old Saturday Night Live episodes. They’re funny in a completely random, surreal way, much like your t-shirt idea.

Books being sold plus free quotes
Just quotes
Sample Deep Thought:

There’s a website out there that pays for T-shirt ideas. I can’t remember what it is. It might possibly be Tshirthell.com

It is tshirthell.com. If they use it, you get $200. They used my idea (Talk Nerdy to Me), and I got $200…now Hot Topic ripped it off of them, and they’re probably starting a lawsuit. I feel important!