Just wanted to share some pictures

I live in a truly magical place. Even after 17 years at altitude, I’m still quite humbled.

Central Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Thought I would share some pictures.

Evening clouds

Some clouds move down the valley this morning

My property backs up to national forest. There are two fourteeners out my front door. 1.7 miles out my back door is an abandoned gold mine that used to be hooked up by cable car to a mill below at a reservoir where they processed the ore.

Took my dogs for a walk to the mine the other day. There is a jeep trail about a quarter mile behind my house. The trail is ‘closed’ at the moment due to dead fall. I don’t think I’ll clear the trees. It’s quite a hike at 11,200 to about 12,000 feet. The first bit behind the house is real steep. Even my Wife, a marathoner and Iron Man says it’s tough.

One the ‘road’

At the mine.

They had a bunk house. I can’t imagine what life must have been like.

Dog tired

What a beautiful part of the world you live in!

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Shirley.

I really need to get a real camera. Those pics are from my Storm and Cannon Elf.

Stunning area you live in. And cute puppy! Thanks for sharing!

I want to live there.

Whoa. You must feel great just walking out your front door and glancing around. Thanks for sharing your view and ‘neighbourhood’ with us. Beautiful.

Thanks. It can be a tough place to live though. Summers are short. Real short. and winters mean business. I never want to leave though.

One of my favorite pics from my deck - Watching clouds float by below you is common up here.

If the pictures are taken in June 2009 and that’s snow I see, then, yep! No arguing there.

How far from the treeline are you? It looks like the “road” to the mine takes you over it.

I once heard the Colo. Rockies described as having two seasons: winter and the 4th of July.

Gorgeous photos! I can almost smell that crisp, conifer-filled air. Thanks for sharing.

My house is at 11,200 feet. 11,000 is generaly considered treeline. But, it varies. I have lots of trees in my ‘yard’.

Beautiful pics, man. Tho I gotta say, the weather would get to me. I can imagine you’ve got all kinds of clothing and gear you use all the time that a flatlander like me never considered owning.