First snow of the year

Across the valley, about 2 miles as the crow flies, the two 14000 foot peaks got snow last night. Not much, just a dusting.

Really, it can snow at this altitude any time of year. But… :sigh: buh bye summer.

I’ve still got so much to do. A big renovation is finishing up on my house, so that will be ok. I’ve got about 30 yards of gravel that I have to still spread on driveway. I do have a small Kabota loader to do it, but it takes time. I hope to get about 1/4 of it done today. A bunch of it needs to be moved around to the back of the house. Need to move cobble too. Dogs are digging in bad places near our new fence, undermining it.

Gonna do a road trip at the end of September/early October. I have to have this wrapped up by then.

Anyone else see winter coming? Leaves are turning to yellow in the central Colorado Rockies (Willow bush/tree leaves).

In the mornings I hear (and sometimes see) flocks of geese migrating. I assume they’re coming from someplace north of us, and just passing through. Since I’m in the Southeast and it’s still hot as hell here, it’s kind of hard to think about winter right now, but that’s typically the first sign that things are going to start changing in the next month or two.

I’ve been watching the weather waiting for the first night the lows get into the 30s so i can remember to bring my potted plants out of the weather but no signs of fall here in the foothills, yet.

When I sometimes take the back country roads to get to work, I pass a landscaped median which contains the first trees to start changing color. Just this last weekend I noticed that the Chinese pistache and the liquid ambers there have started showing a little bronzed foliage, and the ginkgoes are just starting to turn green-gold.

No place else is any foliage turning yet.

Today’s high temp is 70, while all last week it was around 85, so that might mean high summer is over.

You are so lucky!!! I am stuck in South Florida, caring for elderly parents, and it is still evil hot evil humid evil summer here, and will be for another two months, I guess. I watch videos of blizzards in Sweden and Finland or the Adirondacks to feel a bit better. Post a picture of the snowy mountaintops, please!

Was on the back porch last night and noticed a little nip in the air. Got lost in a thought looking up at the stars: the sun is really hot, and it is by no means the hottest thing out there. Other places it’s nearly as cold as anything can get–this is our universe. Here on Earth the range of available temperatures is comparatively tiny, but mostly survivable for short periods. Tinier still is the range in which someone can say, “I am quite comfortable.” And it occurred to me it was hot as balls not 2 weeks ago, and in another 6 weeks we will have no right to be shocked if there is snow on the ground.

Didn’t last long as it was just a dusting. I suspect we will get more tonight though, It’s pretty rainy right now and I imagine we will get below freezing.

It’s 66 degrees in Denver with a big storm. Crazy weather for August.

enipla, how high are you?

In altitude.

11,200 feet.

Good on the clarification, I am in Colorado after all. :smiley:

…yeah, I’m about, oh, Rocky Mountain high. Like, not Mt. Elbert high, but definitely Mt. Bross easily. Heh…Bross.

Bross makes the other side of our valley. That and Mt Lincoln. About 2 miles to the peak as the crow flies.

You gonna start singing John Denver songs? :wink:

Can I do it in my Joan Jett voice?