Justice League 6/11 (CAN) - Unboxed spoilers

[spoiler]Oh. My. God.

It’s sssssssoooooOOOOOOOooooooOOoooo good.

This time, the Big Seven actually take a backseat to the Secondary Squad of all those heroes wandering around the Watchtower.

To appease the government after the Watchtower’s misfire on Cadmus in New Mexico, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Shiyera and J’onn turn themselves in until they can be cleared.

Batman calls this “the stupidest plan ever” and refuses to turn himself in.

Steel and the Atom lead the effort to reboot the Watchtower in record time. Supergirl is left in charge to defend against the main threat: the return of Galactia!



Batman vs. Eiling!

Waller vs. Luthor!

Supergirl vs. Galactia!

…and much, much, much, much, much, much, much MORE.

Twenty two minutes of pure goodness.

You will not believe what happens in the last 22 seconds.

Im suck a dick! I won’t tell you!

Nah nah nah nah nah.

Two more episodes to go!! We still don’t know if this will be renewed another season. Is this the end of the Justice League?[/spoiler]

Nitpick: Peegee’s name is Galatea.

The Tea/Kara fight kicked ass.

Ice still has no lines. -_- Nice seeing her and Fire in action, though. Especially dealing with the Downpours.

Nice seeing Stargirl and STRIPES in action again.

Is the fellow who took them into custody anyone we know?

I’m wondering how Eiling will go after this one…

Anyone else feel a little creepy about Hamilton making the mindless Ultimen?

Ah, crap…those quote tags were supposed to be spoilers… >_<


I have a deep suspicion Eiling will respond by becoming the Shaggy Man. In the “Question Authority” episode, one of the Cadmus files found in the data The Question hacks is called the Hirsute Act.

I actually felt creepier when

she called Hamilton “dad.” Judging by the shocked look on his face, so was he. Probrably on a number of levels.

I thought that was more sad than creepy, personally. I actually felt sorry for her for about 5 seconds.

LOL. Okay, full disclosure. When Hamilton said he accelerated her aging so she was in her physical prime, I smirked in his voice, “That means the things we do when I lock the doors during our “examinations” are perfectly legal.” When she stopped at the door I felt sure she was going to confirm my joke by kissing him. Instead she called him “dad.” Brrrr. That’s when I felt creeped out! Now if you’ll excuse me I have another bath to take so I can feel clean again…

Tsktsktsk…filthy, filthy brain, Askia.

Given how I interpret the look on Hamilton’s face, it’s possible I’m not alone.

Look, folks, when the whole thread is boxed spoilers, it’s sorta pointless, you know? So, I’ve fixed the spoiler tags, but just label the whole damn thread “unboxed spoilers” in future, and no sweat. I’ve edited that change for you.


I’ve seen it spell a dozen ways this week!!

I haven’t seen this episode yet. I’ll probably watch it tonight, so I haven’t read anything in the boxes in this thread so bear with me. Last week I watched, in sucession, Question Authority, A Better World (1&2), and then Flashpoint. I think that I know where this whole arc is heading, how it gets there I’m still not sure. The biggest mistake I made was reading a story capsule for the last episode. I don’t know what happens, but it does involve a certain hero with a reputation for being ready for all situations. That is why I went back to re-watch A Better World. Also, I think that a minor but important clue was in the episode The Once and Future Thing.

Batman, if you couldn’t figure out who I was talking about, will be the key to ending this arc. And, I have the feeling that it doesn’t go down the same was as it did in ABW. Despite his attitude and his reputation, Bats has been the most rational of the original 7 with regards to Cadmus (although a case could be made for GL). In ABW, the two Batmans (Batmen?) spend a lot of time together and before our JL comes back the two Batmen share a nod and a knowing look.

In TOaFT Static mentions that the League must have ‘won’, since Bruce and Batman were in the same place at the same time. However, Bruce said that he had no memory of going into the future.

FTR, the capsule for the last episode mentions something about being 50 years into the future, the same time period of TOaFT.

I realize that this is coming across as the rantings of a madman, but I wanted to throw out this idea I had and see if anything sticks.