Justice League (no spoiler in OP, after that free-for-all)

Saw it last night, can’t find another thread for it, so here goes.

It was okay. Had some cool moments and some painfully bad moments. The Aquaman role was better than I expected and the Flash role was worse than I expected. There is a mid-credit scene and a post-credit scene. More to follow.

Favourite moment - when Flash tries to flank the newly resurrected Superman and realizes Superman can see him trying it.

Least favoure moment: the post-credit scene with the escaped Luthor, in part because I think Jesse Eisenberg is a terrible casting choice, but also the line “It’s time we got a league of our own”, which distractingly invokes a 1992 baseball comedy starring Geena Davis and Tom Hanks. The infinitely better line, in my opinion, would be. “They have a league. We need a legion.” It sounds cooler and also Easter-eggs the Legion of Doom from the Super Friends cartoons.

I enjoyed it. I liked The Flash. A younger take on Barry Allen (essentially merging The Flash and Kid Flash sort of) is interesting and he was funny. The course correction on Superman continues, which I like after the abysmal Man of Steel. I kind f wish the “Superman fights the League” scene had been a little shorter. They hadn’t really earned any shock value from that since they had an entire movie of them fighting each other.

I really like Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Now seeing him again in the part it’s shame there are rumblings that he wants to leave it.

Unfortunately I missed the post credit scene. I did see the mid credit one. DC Movies had been avoiding them so I didn’t think there would be one.

I really enjoyed it, but there is a lot to nitpick. Most of the CGI was bad… real bad. Loved the Green Lantern cameo, even though it wasn’t Hal Jordan.

Haven’t seen it, but is the upper lip CGI on Henry Cavill as bad as I’ve been hearing?

So it took the combined efforts of Amazons, Atlanteans and human armies to repel Steppenwolf before, but you bring one Kryptonian into the mix and ol’ Wolfy turns into a punching bag? No wonder Superman’s death sent the “all clear” signal.

Not to mention the gods and one Lantern. Movie was fairly entertaining, but they killed Doutzen Kroes so it gets a 0/10.

Yeah, the critics really hammered the CGI, and one went so far as to say the only bright spot was Gal Gadot and gave the film a D+.

Something I thought was interesting is you could feel the different directors work in the movie. The opening where the montage showed a World Without Hope because their god had died was pure Zach Snyder. I know everyone else hates BvS but his interest in what a world would be like if real gods flew among people is very interesting to me and the loss of that is a bit disappointing. The more quipy, lighter stuff was very Joss Whedon and is fun and entertaining but isn’t very different from what has been done before. Still, I like DC’s heroes and I was very jazzed to see them on screen in action. I hope this movie is success so we get more.

Was that huge collapsing chimney just as the batmobile drove past a reference to Hooper, or what? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that movie, but it sure looked similar to how I recall it.

I just got back from seeing it and for the most part I enjoyed the movie.

I thought that Flash was great. He is just learning his skills and has no idea how powerful he can be. It is strange though because it seems to me that a couple of months ago ‘they’ were saying that all of the scenes with Henry Allen were going to be cut.

Cyborg looked a little better than he did in the early trailer but I felt like they wasted Joe Morton. Hopefully he will have a spot in any Cyborg solo movies. The little ‘Booyah’ at the end was a nice shout out to the animated Teen Titans.

Aquaman seemed to be teased the most of the members who haven’t had a movie. I guess that makes sense, since his next movie slated for release. I sort of wish that he had more screen time with Mera because it seemed like there was some tension between them. That would play into what I have heard about the Aquaman movie.

I was very meh with the way that Superman was brought back, but this movie did a good job, to me at least, of showing the DC trinity as all having a degree of leadership in the league. Wonder Woman was great again, and she seems to be the best part of 3 movies now. Plus her opening scene showed how fast she was which help put the speed of the Flash into perspective. Batfleck has another strong showing but in a different way than the BvS. I too would hate if he left the role at this point.

The movie needed hip young Snapper Carr so I’d have somebody to identify with :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the movie but it’s hard to handle Superman in film with the other characters. Same with the lanterns to a lesser degree. In animated films and comics the power level discrepancy doesn’t seem as jarring. My guess is the suspension of disbelief with regards to logical action is a bit stronger in illustrations.

My only complaint is the movie seemed a bit short.

IIRC, there was originally a 3 hour cut but the suits said 2 hours max.

ETA: That may have been the first good call by WB. I think that Snyders exposition and wankery needed to be leashed.

I also think the movie felt rushed. I actually would like to have seen more and look forward to the extended version we will inevitably get. Disappointed the box office was soft but word of mouth is leaning positive so that may help it have legs. I plan to see it again.

As a Flash fan, I greatly appreciated the Flash sequences. Different than Quicksilver, both X-men and Avenger versions. Similar perhaps to the CW TV show but still its own thing. Best part was probably when he was going up against Superman. He was spooked that Supes could track him at superspeed, but still game enough (and fast enough!) to dodge Superman’s punches. The take on Barry Allen was also interesting. Very young, very early in his career. Makes me anxious to see the solo Flash movie, which I understand is going to be Flashpoint. (Real Flashpoint this time, with Amazons vs Atlanteans, and not the lame TV version.) I’m still not a fan of the cobbled-together Flash suit. Couldn’t Bruce have given him a proper uniform?

Cyborg’s CGI was bad, really bad. Even more distracting than Clark’s CGI upper lip. Wonder Woman as great as expected.

Why was Clark’s upper lip CGI? people keep mentioning it.

When Joss Whedon came in to do reshoots, Henry Cavill had grown a mustache for other movie which he couldn’t shave so they CGI’ed it out. It is noticeable in spots but not as bad as the still photos make it seem. In the still photos it looks really weird. It the movie it only looked off here and there.

I thought it was the other movie that had the CGI?

Anyway, it was due to him growing a mustache for another movie - and timing with re-shooits, etc.

Who do you think he is, Tony Stark? Plus, he didn’t have time - I think this whole movie happened in about two days, didn’t it?

Stark had been tracking Spidey for long enough that he could have the suit ready for when he actually recruited him.