Justice League Unlimited 7/2/05: Flashpoint

I’m watching this for the first time right now. Wow!

Pretty neat, I’d say.

Managed to make Vibe look like a halfway respectable badass.

I heard a rumor that Wally died in this one. With a name like Flashpoint… well, they know how to tease, that they do.

If you’ll permit me to go off on a fanboy tangent, one of the things I love about Power Girl in the comic books is the fact that she actually looks like someone who in real life, could kick your butt. I think that it has to do with artists trying to make her giantic (even by comic book women standards) boobs not look comical. Here, since she’s Supergirl’s clone she gets the twig treatment. :Sigh:

As much as I like referencing Superdickery.com and calling Superman a dick he was reasonable enough in this one. Captain Atom held his ground better than I expected.

We saw the Question’s true face! I thought he was deformed due to someone pouring acid on his face while doing all sorts of nasty things to him family. Hmm.

Next week: The Justice League v. The Superfriends in a battle we just had to call: Infinite Identity Crisis!

I heard that the Original Seven are off the satellite when stuff goes now next week and that there is a bad-ass Supergirl/Power Girl throwdown. I’m excited, the scenary gets to do stuff. Go get 'em, Courtney!

They showed the Question’s true face briefly in his first major appearance, “Fearful Symmetry,” when he got into a taxicab. He releases a gas from his belt buckle that creates the “faceless” mask and changes the color of his hair and clothes, and a different gas removes the mask.

Ronco’s “Face Be Gone”.

No, no, no: It’s Revlon’s Mouth Off! Ear/Ear/Nose formula. “Coats and Soothes for Abrasive Personalities”

But really, in the comic book, he caries an artifical material mask inside hi belt buckle. The gas changes his clothing and hair color, and he simply puts the mask on when he is surounded by smoke, or before. I see no reason to assume that is not the case here.

The series is raising a good question, though. Why should you trust someone whose only argument and check is “Trust us”?

Much as I 'd hate to agree with the bad guys, maybe the Justice League IS too powerful.

Superman is losing his pull. In the past, when Supes said, “It was a setup”, people believed. Now they’re questioning him.

I know they have to tell a story, but as much as I like Captain Atom, the fight was much closer than it should have been. Red sun radiation? Jeez, just making stuff up.

Yet another cartoon disaster with too many survivors. There should have been no one anywhere near ground zero of that blast.

Lastly, why didn’t Superman simply try to re-orient the satellites position? 45 or so degrees in any direction should be sufficient for the beam to miss the planet. It’s not like the satellite is too heavy - it’s floating in space!

That’s a bit more silver age than I would like, but I personally was expecting him to start emitting kryptonite radiation and Captain Atom is on a power level where he can take Superman one on one…

One word: inertia.

Inertia is fine. All he needed to do was to point the barrel away from the planet. Tilt it on it’s axis. Need two people? It’s the friggin’ JLU. Even if J’onn is shaking out cobwebs, someone on that satellite can help provide counterbalance. It’s weightless - Booster Gold can do it.

Wasn’t he trying to when the thing went off? Seeing as how he moved a friggin’ asteriod in his series I don’t think a satellite would be a problem.

Looked to me like he wanted to block it, or maybe disable the gun. That’s why it knocked him out. Let’s face it, Superman isn’t too bright. He tends to go for the direct answer.

Then there’s the excuse J’onn used. Something about if JLU had the weapon during the Thanagarian invasion, it would have ended much sooner. Is he saying a single shot cannon would have made a difference? No wonder the President wasn’t buying their story.

It would have. Better than having Batman fly a Watchtower at Earth anyway.

This is asuming that Shierya didn’t tell the Thanagarians about the cannon, which she would have.

Which scene(s) was Vibe in? I’m trying to put a character with the name.

The sunglasses wearing Latino who uses his vibratory powers to roll back the collapsed highway on all those trapped people.

And superman wasn’t helping either. “Why should they be afraid of us? Now, let’s go shut someone down without authorization!”

He had just said that they should take out Cadmus and then deal with any fallout. The look of panic on his face when he realizes that his wish is going to come true is priceless.

Did you notice the Justice League Detroit cameos?

Vibe with the bridge, Gypsy saves the fireman, Vixen is on the ship, Elonated Man saved some people from a building, J’onn was all over the place and at one point, he tells Steel to do something (of course I couldn’t see if this was the JLD Steel or the Iron Man wannabe).

The only ones missing were Aquaman and Zatanna.