Justified 3/20/12: "Guy Walks Into A Bar"


Raylan struggles to keep Dickie Bennett in prison while contending with an increasingly violent and unpredictable Quarles.

Two words from last week’s preview that might prove interesting: “Why wait?”

Quarles is even more twisted than we thought. And I thought he was batshit.

The bar scene with the hooker was a good laugh. Shot of whiskey, indeed! Can I get a shot of penicillin with that, too?

I have a soft spot in my heart for Band of Brothers alumni, so it’s good to see Rick Gomez and Richard Speight along with Neal McDonough.

“I’ve never served with so much pineapple juice in my life.”

“Pineapple juice?”

“It helps with the taste.”


How long has it been since Givens has killed someone? He’s slacking off.

“Did that go the way you rehearsed it?”

Yeah, he’s really gone. I preferred the evil of previous villains to the almost-sympathetic super crazy of Quarles.

The “give you a job” twist was fantastic. Goggins better get an Emmy before this show is all said and done.

I love that Wynn Duffy is now the sensible, rational one.

Yeah, I like how the more you see Duffy lately, you see him with either a panicked, “Oh man, I do not want to be doing this*” look or an almost sad/apologetic look at being involved. You know he has no quarrel with violence, but even he is looking at this stuff going, “Really?!”