Justin Blackmon in 4 AM crash, "Alcohol not a factor"

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Sorry, I’m not buying that he was sober and if I was the Jags or another NFL franchise, there’s no way I’d want this knucklehead on my team.

I’ll assume that Mr. Blackmon has a late model SUV, a random tire blow out seems pretty unlikely. Being out at 4 AM makes this seem even more suspicious. He wasn’t going to his job stocking shelves at the local Publix.

I’m not sure if he got preferential treatment because he was an athlete or else the responding officers didn’t want to deal with the hassle of booking an NFL athlete, dealing with the media as well as higher ups back at the station, and probably just wanted to end their shift and go home for the night.

I totalled a car in a single vehicle accident where alcohol was not a factor.

I’ve done the same thing, and I had only had espresso. But, I"m not a pro football player with numerous drug and alcohol incidents, and it wasn’t at 4 AM.

It doesn’t sound like local law enforcement has shied away from this in the past. You weren’t there, none of us were. So second-guessing the story is of no material benefit to anybody except the clickbait websites who make money off of it.