K, Blue Guys and clothes

I don’t think I have posted anything since K and I went to see the Blue Man Group on Thursday.

The show was awesome. It was a great show. A lot of fun and pretty interesting.

I went with K, her sister and a friend of theirs. Everybody dug the show. About the only negative thing was that Ks sister made a comment after the show that I was ‘touching K and everybody was watching and it was embarassing’. Well, I was touching K, I held her hand and had my arm around her for most of the night. I wasn’t doing anything other than that though. I mentioned it to K a little later and K said her sister gets a bit weird about that sometimes. It was odd. But other than that it was an awesome show.

After the show I went over to Ks for the night. That was wonderful, though I didn’t get as much sleep as I should have. The next day K took me clothes shopping, I got a bunch of stuff that I really needed (and she got to pick out most of it), and we had lunch. K had an art show to go to and I went home.

Then (and I feel like a dog for this) I then went out with D. After the show with K I wanted to cancel with D but didn’t. Turns out that it wasn’t a big deal because we basically hated each other. On the bright side I decided that while K and I aren’t officially a couple I am not going to go out with anyone else. I like K too much and I don’t want to a) do anything that might screw it up and b) feel like a jerk for going out with D even though nothing happened and K and I aren’t officially exclusive. So unless something changes I am not going to do anymore dating.

On Sunday I got a message from K that she had a Easter suprise for me. Being something of an idiot I hadn’t even thought of an Easter thing for K. So I took my lunch at work on Sunday to go get some easter things. I picked up a little stuffed animal, some sweets and a bottle of bubble bath and a bottle of massage oil (wow, that sounds kinda sleazy but it is good stuff). Quite honestly, the animal and the sweets were for her, the rest for me* :wink: Anyway, I headed over there before work today. Ks daughter was home with strep so a bit of morning fun was out. But that was cool. I gave her the easter present and she got me a bath pillow. The pillow is great because a) I needed one as I take a lot of baths and b) it will make bath time at my house with K a lot more comfortable. We went out to lunch and did a bit of shopping while doing the whole bf/gf hand holding, etc bit. I enjoyed it quite a lot.

I am totally happy right now. K seems to dig me quite a bit. I get a ton of messages from her. We talk all the time. I see her a lot. We have great sex. Often.

K is going out of town this week to see her family. Just a couple days. I am kind of bummed because my sister will be in town and I wanted K to meet my sister (I also figured it might be a decent excuse for her to meet my parents at the same time without getting into the whole ‘I want you to meet my parents thing’) but that ain’t gonna happen. Also, I am not going to see her for a week or so, which sucks.

Things are great. Man, I really like this.


*K had the exact same thought. When I gave it to her the first thing she said is ‘When are we going to get to use this?’