Sheesh…you turn your back for 10 seconds

Awww, that’s a pretty nice goose-egg. Bad Daddy! :wink:

Don’t worry, it will go away and she’ll get another one later.

Hey, I didn’t say I was the one who turned their back for 10 seconds…I’m working…that happened on mommy’s watch. :slight_smile:

The pout is the best!

He looks like a very young Christophe Lambert. After one of the Highlander fight scenes. :slight_smile:


I feel bad for that sweet angel. You on the other hand might be able to work that into a 60 in plasma. 42 inch at least. Spongebob looks awesome in hi-def.

Don’t be surprised if she ends up with a black eye in a few days. Gravity can pull the blood from the “goose-egg” down, and make it pool around the eye.

I’m sure the picture was snapped after consolation, but the expression lends itself to the scenario in which we have a bonk, followed by “yes honey, just like that, hold still while mommy takes a picture. Oo, a tear, that’s good. Ok dear, we’ll get you your ice cream now.”

“For the hundredth time, do NOT touch Daddy’s porn!”

We took pictures when my 6 year old lost his first tooth, and I was afraid to post them on flickr because the part that shows up best is the fading black eye he got when he bent down and bumped himself on the dining room table. Very attractive.

I can’t believe the number of bumps, cuts, and bruises my boys have. We had to bring my 3 year old to urgent care once when he banged his chin and bit through his tongue. The doctor said he had a kid that bit through his tongue so badly you could see through it.

She looks like she’s ready to kick your ass for taking the picture though.

When whiterabbit was young, on three separate occasions she bounced in a corner of her crib like a trampoline until she bounced out. Onto her head. You’d think she’d have figured it out after the first time. That goose egg sure looks familiar. Just be grateful it (a) doesn’t require stitches and (b) isn’t a broken bone!

Amen to that. My middle son managed, within the course of two months, to break his wrist and split his forehead open, requiring 10 stitches. He wasn’t even 2 at the time.