Kaine = Hillary Thinks She's Gonna Win By a Landslide

The selection of safe, uninspiring Tim Kaine means exactly what the selection of Joe Biden meant 8 years ago: the Democrat nominee thinks the election is in the bag, and therefore sees no need to pick an exciting running mate.

Hillary thinks she’s going to slaughter Trump. I think she’s right.

I has never seen Tim Kaine speak before today and am not sure I had even heard his name before, but I did not find him to be uninspiring. I’m not sure what you mean by “safe”. I can honestly say that after hearing Sen. Kaine speak, I was excited about his presence in the campaign, so I don’t think your characterization of him is accurate.

I was disappointed when I first heard, but he was terrific in his introductory speech today. Funny, since I live in VA, and I think I’ve seen him speak before, but he knocked it out of the park today. I’m feeling better about it already.

If it’s true that people are “holding their noses” to cast a vote for either Trump or Clinton finding them both equally unlikeable I think they may just look down a tier to help them make their decision. Whose the more likeable VP? Pence or Kaine?
I think Kaine has the upper hand here.

The name of the vice-president is about as meaningless as any position in politics or in celebrity culture. After asking “is it Sarah Palin?” and getting a “no” nothing else you can say makes a difference. And I say this despite the fact that Kaine will probably ensure that the Democrats win Virginia and he will be looked on favorably by Hispanics. And he will be replaced in the Senate by a Democrat, which was uncertain for some other Senators, making him an intelligent pick.

Besides, there weren’t any “exciting” possibilities that were even 1% realistic.

Kaine will do nothing to attract Hispanic voters, and Hillary would have picked an Hispanic running mate if she thought she needed a big Hispanic turnout.

If she were even a little bit nervous about her chances, she’d have picked a Cory Booker to increase black turnout.

She picked an uninspiring white guy who adds nothing to her appeal. Ergo, she thinks she’s a lock to win big.

And she is.

Clinton already has the black vote and the hispanic vote locked up. And the women’s vote.

Now she’s going after the white male vote. She won’t get the Angry White Guy vote but she might win over some mainstream white men who are worried about Trump. So she picked a safe white man as her running mate to reassure these voters.

Having Hispanic’s in my family, I can assure you they bond with non-Hispanics who speak Spanish. I’ve seen it many times. They will remember the guy who speaks Spanish long after forgetting what his resume was. If Hillary airs some Spanish language campaign commercials featuring Kaine, it’s going to be a big hit.

Cory Booker was your “exciting” candidate?

Don’t joke threads go in the Pit?

I think you’re underestimating Kaine’s appeal. That said - I think this pick is sort of like the Merrick Garland pick. Both men are smart, solid, and competent. They are both highly qualified. They are both well regarded by their colleagues. They are easy to work with. There won’t be any “exciting” controversies. No scandals. Just competent, hard-working, qualified public servents.

If life were fair, we’d be throwing parades in their honor. They’re exactly the sort of people we should be applauding.

This, so much this. Politics has turned into who is “exciting”, not who is qualified to do the job. Kaine is someone that could step into the role of President, and I would be 100% confident in his ability to do the job. THAT is what a good VP candidate should bring to the table.

I don’t think Clinton is assuming a big win, so much as assuming that she should win as long as she doesn’t screw anything else up.

I also want to beat my head against a wall when really smart people here talk about “boring” picks, or get excited just because he surprised them with a good speech. Obama and Clinton have ruined the party in one respect: even the smart voters demand sizzle instead of steak. Tim Kaine is a big, meaty steak and he would be even if he had gone up to the podium today and put everyone to sleep.

**Kaine = Hillary Thinks She’s Gonna Win By a Landslide

I do not think, nor do I hope, that Hillary is that stupid. It’s a VP choice, not a crystal ball. Hillary is a cautious, non-risk-taking pol, and she made the the cautious, non-risking-raking choice. And that’s about it.

Evidently the OP isn’t watching the polls. It’s a toss up right now.

I also think Clinton is going to win in a landslide. That means ~10 point spread.

Not if liberals are apparently going to get 75% of what they want if she wins. Get that number down to 25% and then she’ll win in a landslide.

Here’s CNN with an interesting historical perspective on Kaine: http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/23/politics/tim-kaine-vice-president-hillary-clinton/?iid=ob_article_organicsidebar_expansion

I’d also note that this continues the Democratic practice of nominating extremely well qualified people for VP. The Republicans have tended towards more gimmicky picks. Which is why it surprises me that so many Doper Democrats want to follow suit. It hasn’t gone well for Republicans, why would it go well for Democrats?


Frankly, he’s a far better speaker than Mrs. Clinton. I hadn’t heard him prior to today, but between Trump’s shoutiness and Clinton’s odd cadences, he’s one of the few things that might make the campaigns even slightly bearable.

Not that the ability to make a stump speech without abusing my eardrums is a major attraction for my vote, you understand.

Someone on a blog I read wrote about this today. Both Democrats and Republicans pick VP candidates as assassination insurance. Democrats pick for continuity in case of assassination, and Republicans pick for prevention of assassination.