Kam sa ham nida Astroboy 14

I’m not sure if the Romanization I used was according to whatever is current, but I just wanted to say thank you Astroboy 14! The cookbook arrived today. Are you psychic? It is exactly the kind of book I wanted!

For everyone else, Astroboy did me a good turn and procured a fine Korean cookbook for me. I was having a hard time finding one here in Kansas. I learned to love Korean food while in the military.

This is MPSIMS, but it wasn’t so mundane to me. Just wanted the other Dopers to know that Astroboy is a really good guy! I love this board! Sniff!!

So you’ll be sending out Kim Chee to us Dopers when? :smiley:

I don’t think it legal to put Kim-chi in the US mail. Some of it is quite odiferous!:smiley:

You’re more than welcome, Baker! It’s always nice to be able to do a favor for a doper buddy. I liked the book, too… so I actually bought two copies! One for you, one for me… that way when Astrogirl and I finally pack up and go to the US, she can have a little taste of home from time to time.:wink:

So, now ya know!:smiley: (just thought I’d repeat that part for a little ego-stroking)

[/end] ego-stroking

it**'s**, dammit!