The Seoul Mini-Dope-Fest!

You missed it! (unless you are Astrogirl or heresiarch…)

We had a mini-Dope Fest here in Seoul! Woo Hoo!

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from heresiarch saying, basically “Hi! I’m a Doper, and I’m now here in Seoul, too!”

Cool! Another Doper in Seoul!!! Excellent!:smiley:

We made plans (hindered by the recent events (he’s a memeber of the US Forces here in Korea), and the fact that he has a curfew due to recent events, etc.), and met the other night for dinner and drinks.

We had a great time! Astrogirl was very happy to see that Dopers were REAL people, and not just figments of my imagination…

heresiarch came bearing gifts (which we did not!:eek: ): a box of Lucky Charms (not Fruit Loops!!!) for me, and a bottle of tequila (and assorted other stuff) for AG (BTW: AG and tequila don’t mix well…, she’s liable to rip off her clothes and dance on the table and not remember that the next day…) … the gifts were much appreciated! Thank you, heresiarch!
Anyways, AG and I had a great time meeting heresiarch, and I hope he had a great time also…

A very good first DopeFest for me! We look foreward to the next, and challenge MrO, Pyrrho, and Zaphod to join us!! C’mon, Korean Dopers! Unite!:smiley:

You know AG is probably thinking heresiarch was just a plant you hired so she thinks the SDMB people are real after all. Part of your nefarious plot. Just like the hidden subliminal messages in your book that are written down the 5th column of every left-hand page. Of course, at a few words per page it takes 1200 pages to pass the message along. Pricing the book at $40 means few outside the cabal wil ever pick it up and stumble on the plot.
and it sounds like ** AG ** and tequila mix VERY well…and as for not remembering, ever hear of the camcorder?:smiley:


(Note to self: Lurker seems to know too much… perhaps should converse with heresiarch about quieting him…)

I repeat: Hmmm…

Yup, definitely a great time. I’ve never hung out with an International Literary Giant before! (How does one say L’chaim in Korean?)

I wanted to get you something from the States that you couldn’t get in Korea. Luckily, you mentioned that you couldn’t get Lucky Charms, either. And then I thought, well, I oughta get something for Astrogirl, too. Lessee, what could I give her that would possibly motivate her to rip off her clothes and dance on the table? Of course! Tequila! (Did she notice the worm? Or is she just so hip to western culture that she already knew about that?)

Holy… I know I’m just a newbie, but I just noticed that Astroboy has > 2,000 posts! I should have been calling you Astroboy Songsaeng-nim!

And we won’t exclude dopers from outside Korea! You’re all invited. Come on, help out the airline industry and catch a trans-Pacific flight. First round of Soju is on me!

Damn, sounds like fun!

Subgirl and I have been thinking about making a weekend shopping trip to Korea sometime. If we finally decide to do it, I’ll email you, ok?

And if you and AG ever stop by Tokyo, drop me a line and I’ll pick up some tequila.

Perhaps you should check your security protocols…
who else knows this and could have sold it to the highest bidder? Maybe a mole in your organization, or a double agent? Can you be so sure on heresiarch?

[sub]or maybe we secretly put a transceiver in one of ** AG’s ** fillings? Did your dentist lose a bundle in the market lately, but his finances have revived mysteriously? Our spy may not even know they are a spy…[/sub]

Cool! Korean Dopers. Who’d a thought?
Yondan <------ Korean-american, despite japanese screen name

Yeah, definitely! If you guys get over here let us know!!:slight_smile:

I have been thinking about a trip to Tokyo eventually (I still haven’t forgotten the 'shrooms!:smiley: )… If I ever make it I’ll let ya know!

BTW: lurker, I’m fairly sure of heresiarch… but can I trust AG? I’ll have to tickle-torture her this weekend and get the truth!:wink:

Hey, Astroboy. I’d love to meet some Dopers in Seoul, but there are two little snags:

1- I’ll only be in Korea for another 3 weeks or so.
2- I’m in Kangnung (Kangwando region), about 3 and a half hours away from Seoul.

Neither of these things make such a gathering impossible for me, but they do make it a little trickier.

Sorry about the posting-twice-in-a-row thing, but do you have a “handeu poneu” (cell phone, for those who don’t know Konglish)?

I do indeed! E-mail on the way in a second!