Kansas City Dopfest TONIGHT!

There’s a Kansas City Dopefest tonight, for anyone in the Kansas City area that doesn’t already know. It is at 8 PM at Tomfoolrey’s on the Plaza. There should be about 6-10 people there, hopefully more. Tomfoolrey’s is a bar located at 612 W. 47th St. that has great food and even better fries. Tonight from 9-10 all domestic draws are $1.25.

You can go to http://www.mapquest.com and put in your address and the given address to find the quickest route there. I’d link to a map but it’s not a static URL so I don’t know how.

Tomfoolrey’s is located at the corner of 47th and… some other road. Parking for Tomfoolrey’s is on the W side of the building. Just go N up the side road and the parking entrance is about 50 yards from 47th St. It may be obscured by a dumpster (they’re remodeling the neighboring building).

I’ll be there tonight and I hope to see many more of you.


On the braces and belt theory I got maps from TWO different sites. Best as I can tell they agree with each other. Anyone else from Topeka going? Do you mind seeing pictures of The World’s Cutest Nephew? I’m hoping I fit in, as I am likely somewhat older than average(46)


Homer, et al:

Tonight is the Jewish holiday of Purim, so jdimbert and I will not be able to attend.


Think of us!

I’m jealous. :frowning:

Dang, sdimbert, I was looking forward to meeting you. :frowning: Maybe next time.


Damn damn damn! Homer, I missed this being the day - I was going to send you some $$ to buy drinks! You were supposed to mail me, and then I was going to send it - oh, shit! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Well shucky darn!

I hope that you all have a really good time!

:frowning: I’m sorry! I totally forgot about that until I got there. Everyone accused me of pocketing the money and saying you never sent it (:)). You were still there in spirit. :slight_smile:


Hell, might as well use this thread to talk about it.

Four people showed up (that we know of): Me, Ender, Juniper, and Baker. I say “that we know of” because, unbeknownst to me, Foolries does not take names or make reservations. If anyone came and didn’t find us, I’m sorry. :frowning: It’s my fault, I didn’t check ahead.

So anyway I showed up and haggled with the door person a bit about this all, trying to get him to direct anyone asking for “Tim” or “Cecil Adams” or whatnot to my table, but alas, he refused. Well, he agreed to, but then later didn’t do it, so I suppose it’s the same as refusal. As I finished with him about it, Ender showed up and we sat at the bar to wait for everyone else. After about fifteen minutes, an attractive girl walked by hollering “Does anybody know Cecil Adams!?” Taking the chance that she wasn’t simply an unruly drunk, Ender and I called her over, and she turned out to be Juniper.

Juniper, Ender, and I sat at the bar sipping our drinks for a while longer, waiting for other people to show up, when a second lady walks up to us and says “Do you know, I mean, are you from…” and we all cut her off and said “Yeah! Who are you?” Since Baker had thus arrived, we grabbed a booth, ordered our drinks and food, and started talking.

I suppose someone else can take it over from here.


PS to Ender, Juniper, and Baker: My brother passed out about 15 minutes before I got home, so I suppose I didn’t have to leave anyway. :frowning:

Like I said when I arrived, I asm directionally impaired. Homer, I still managed to get on the wrong street when I left. What I thought was Broadway was Wornall somehow. So I doubled back and tried again and got your dirctions to work the second time. I had a really good time. Never had met any other Dopers in the flesh before. If any of you are ever in Topeka be sure to give me a call, I can get you good coffee and orange rolls where I work(or cookies, chocolate cream pie, strawberry tarts, etc.) Hope we can do it again sometime.

It’s amazing the number of frowny smilies we can use on a supposedly happy occassion. I can only thank God Chief Scott didn’t come to the dopefest.

Well, it was my first time seeing any dopers either. I thought there’d be more too, but alas. 'twas OK though. four was a nice number. I got to tell them how to pronounce Purim. sdimbert, I’m not sure why you couldn’t come. I mean, if you had services you had services, but Purim is a time for celebration! For carnivals and drinking! For drunken orgies with women named Ester! Maybe I read the wrong translation.

Anyway, it was a fine time had by all. We discussed just about every thread in the history of the SD, Simpsons, B5, silent movies, Stephen King, college, salt on fries, and a lot of other things I probably missed going to the bathroom 27 times. I have no clue what was wrong with my bladder last night by I expunged water the guy at the table next to me drank.

So I’m alive, awake, and writing semi-coherently on this fine Friday morning. Here’s hoping to see you all in the future.

I got lost on the way, too, but only because Mapquest is a proven liar and none of the street names in the real world matched the names on my printout. I also managed to lose the parking garage and wound up parallel parking on a 90-degree hill, perfuming the Plaza with the scent of clutch in the process.

Most of the people working at Tomfoolery’s were right bastards, IMHO, what with all the no taking names and pushiness and “you can’t have a table unless there are five in your party.” So walking through the bar shouting about Cecil seemed the most sensible course of action (Attractive? Homer, sweetie, I’m blushing!) if I wanted to find the Dopers.

Now that I think about it, “Does anyone know Cecil Adams?” is kind of like witnessing. I can imagine someone standing on a streetcorner, holding a copy of “Triumph of the Straight Dope” aloft and accosting passers-by. “Do YOU know Cecil Adams? Have you accepted the Straight Dope into your heart?”

Had a great time, although I got home at 3:00 and had to be up for work at 6:00…grumble grumble…

Ender, I suppose you’re right, in spirit.

But, going to shul to hear the Megillah with two kids is a complicated affair. jdimbert and I were exhausted by the time we got home, around 9:45.

Homer: pictures?

No pictures sdimbert. I thought about bringing a camera but forgot. Well, when there is another KC Dopefest meeting it could be done. Sorry you couldn’t be there. I got home around 2:30,(Topeka) and thankfully didn’t have to be at work, because my boss let me switch my days around, bless him. The food was good, like Homer said it would be. We thought up some new thread ideas but I don’t know if they will actually get started.

Is Juniper attractive? Cripes is the Pope’s butt Catholic?
I kinda thought it was a given.

Too bad Baker didn’t bake us anything. My cheesecake was good last night but if she didn’t want any because she makes enough sweets as it is (implying they’re better than my desert) I’m definitely taking a swing down to our capitol!

Homer, for a second there you scared me. As I glanced through your last sentence, I thought you said “my brother passed away about fifteen minutes before I got home.” I’m thinking holy crap! That’s horrible!. That feeling lasted about .001 seconds before I reread it, but still…

to all that couldn’t come last night, we drank in your honor. Some more than others.

Hey, if we could have another Dopefest I WILL bake something. Actually, the reason I didn’t last night was because I was unsure if Tomfooleries would allow stuff to be brought in. Movie theaters don’t think highly of folks bringing in popcorn you know. Ender, do you like orange rolls, or baklava, or something else? If folks like the dimberts had kids we make LARGE chocolate chip cookies!

Baker, I once killed a man for a good piece of baklava. Mmmmm…pistachios, honey, philo…Excuse me, I’m going to a Greek restaurant RIGHT NOW.

I had no idea there were so many Kansas Citians on this board. Small world (or big city?).