Anyone interested in a Kansas City area Dopefest?

Hi guys, hello, hello. I know I’m not around much anymore, wish I could be.

Is anyone interested in a Kansas City area Dopefest? I know that Badz, SeriousArt, Ender, me, and about a dozen or so others are from the Kansas City area, so I think we have enough to get a good turnout.

My plot is Thursday, Feb 22 at Tomfoolrey’s on the Plaza. Great food, cheap beer (1.25 domestics from 9-10), good service, excellent atmosphere. I could be persuaded to provide free copies of my band’s CD to anyone who attends.

What say?


Zero replies in 3 days? Crap, KC. Are we this pathetic and introverted?

Thank god for little birdies, or I’d never have seen this thread.

Count me in Homer.

Good, Ender. Ya see what I have to go through to get anything going around here?! :wink:

Hopefully a few more will reply. I don’t want to resort to email!


I’m a few hours away from KC, and will be there for the Big 12 tournament (March 10th weekend). If anyone wants to get together that weekend, and will promise to root for Iowa State… let me know! Last year was soooo much fun.

If I can get someone to pick up my shift at work and you guys don’t mind interlopers from the rest of Missouri, I could buzz on over from Columbia. It’s been a long semester so far and I could use some Dopefest action.

What TIME are you talking about? Is Topeka to far away(70 odd miles) to be considered “Kansas City area” Let us know. Thursday is my day off and I’d like to try and make it.

I already talked to Homer about why I will not be there. If you all set a firm date and an approximate number of people, I will send some cash to Homer to buy a couple (2) rounds of drinks for the KC Dopers, so perhaps you can think a kind thought or two about me while you are partying.

And I do mean normally priced drinks; I don’t intend to pay for a couple dozen Pousse-Cafe’s at $20 a pop…or a magnum of Dom Perignon for everyone… :wink:
[sub]Laughs at the thought of of Homer saying “Pousse-Cafe”…[/sub]

Hey, the date and time is open, i was just setting the table for wagering. So… we’ve got the 22nd up, and the Big 12 tourney… do we hear a third offer? Would a different date/time/place work better/worse for people? C’mon now! H’ya!


Oh, and Anth, that’s a delightful idea! If you can’t be with us in person, you’ll at least be with us in spirit! :slight_smile:


The 22nd would be okay with me, as I currently have Thursdays off. Just set a time.

No, no, anthracite won’t be there in spirit, she’ll be there in spirits! Get it? Get it? Aw crap people, my jokes don’t get better than this. You sure you want me there?

Thursday is fine for me, but I do have to work on Friday. Not that I get hangovers, but still…

[sub]wow, I’ve never met real live Dopers before. I wonder what they’re like. Should I call Steve Irwin as my guide.[/sub]

Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday would actually work better for me, but I’ll try to work it out if everyone else likes Thursday better.

Wow, I guess this is what I get for not checking in on MPSIMS more often. I’ll belatedly chime in and say that I might be able to swing as part of the Columbia crew, depending on how things line up…

I for one don’t really care what day we have it. But, seeing as how this thread is now just gaining a bit of popularity, perhaps we should hold off a bit until more have had a chance to see it. It will also give people time to clear their schedule and come in for the evening.

Plus one of us has to buy the monkey butlers. Isn’t there a 5 day waiting period on those?

I’m game for anyplace/time. They got some crazy little women there and…

I live in St. Louis, which is only 4 hours away, but I couldn’t do this on a weeknight. Let me know if you ever do one on a weekend. Have a great time (if you can get a word in edgewise with schief2)

I second the idea of postponing for a week or so to see if we get any more takers. The more the merrier, after all. A weekend night would probably make it easier for those coming from more than an hour or so away, too.

schief2…are you in the J school? Your profile led me to believe that you might be. I’m in news-ed; we might have classes together.

[continuing hijack]
Juniper200: Very good guess…I used to be in the j-school, but I graduated and now I work for That Other Paper here in town. :wink:
[/continuing hijack]

It’s a good thing I’m not in J306 right now. Last semester, I would have been obligated to kill you. :slight_smile:

Well, there was two week notice originally. :wink:

I was gonna suggest holding off another week, too, turns out that I have a fraternal obligation this week. Maybe if Palandine comes up, Crunchy Frog can too.

How’s about: March 2nd or 9th, at a place to be decided, at 7:30 pm?