Kansas Rep. forced to offer free NCAA tickets

Tim Huelskamp is a frothing Tea-Party Republican U.S. Congressman from western Kansas. In my personal opinion, he’s about as loathsome as Rick Santorum, maybe worse.

Huelskamp sent out an email offering entry into a drawing for a free set of NCAA Tournament basketball tickets to people willing to contribute at least $10 to his re-election. Local legal officials promptly pointed out that under Kansas law this constitutes an illegal raffle and a felony. Huelskamp is now offering entry into the drawing for free. An article from the Topeka paper is here:


On Huelskamp’s campaign’s public web site http://www.huelskamp.org/ is his campaign’s email address huelskampforcongress@fairpoint.net where one can presumably enter the drawing for free.

Before you report this thread, please consider that all information posted here is easily ascertainable from public sources, and while I’m technically a Republican (albeit a RINO), I’m obviously not posting this to do any favors to Huelskamp.