Karen Hughes is Married?

The breaking news of the day was that Karen Hughes is married. In a press release describing how she felt the need to leave the adminstration, effective this summer, to tend to her family who was “feeling a little homesick.”

This of course prompted skepticism around Washington, where government officials derided the concept of Karen Hughes having a family. “I was sure that bitch reproduced by mitosis!” snorted more than one press representative. “Yeah? I didn’t even think she was human – should’a said how she was going home to tend to the rust on her chassis!” riposted one senior editor.

Karen’s office of discipline was contacted multiple times, despite the fact that Ms. Hughes responded each and every time, “I’ll said, what I’ve said before, I think it’s still applicable, that Karl Rove is not a pedophilic priest of satan.”

And I STILL have no clue who Karen Hughes is, even after reading cnn.com’s front-page story.


I mean, I’m reading these words “White House counselor Karen Hughes said Tuesday the needs of her family and the pull of Texas were behind the “difficult decision” to leave her power job in the West Wing – which she called “the thrill of a lifetime” – and return to her home state this summer” and I’m like, “So?”

…and Karl Rove would be…?

Hughes, a former television reporter and former head of the Texas Republican party, was Bush’s Director of Communication/Press Secretary during the Presidential campaign, as well as his previous campaigns for governor. A lot of Democrats during the election criticized her for what they saw as a negative tone of the campaign. After the election, she got a job at the White House as one of Bush’s advisors, which she’s now leaving to go back to Texas.

Karl Rove is a former lobbyist and professor who was Bush’s campaign manager. He currently is an advisor to the president, and is the only member of the Administration other than the President and Vice President Cheney who was also a character in Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s “That’s My Bush”, a sitcom about the Bush administration that aired briefly on Comedy Central.

Wait . . . Karen Hughes is female?

I heard on CNN that she was ‘homesick’ for Texas, and intended to head back in time for summer. I can’t see how anyone would be homesick for a Texas summer. She must really love misery.

If I were from El Paso I’d probably agree with you.


I didn’t know she was married either.

But I do know a guy who used to be engaged to her. Way back when.

Divorced, I think, with a couple of children. Still pissed off at her for blocking the street in front of the Governor’s Mansion during the recount while I was on my way to work just so she could take questions from the press across the street.

Wasn’t that the press baffling with the cars whizzing by in the background? I had the dubious honor of catching that briefing, and was struck by her ability to stay on message, to the point of repeating, intonation for intonation, her previous sentence.

You weren’t the only one pissed at that then. Made me launch an attack at the TV with a slipper!

Cranky, and what wonderful features did her fiancee see in this tenditious bitch?

cuate, nice point. I suppose it’s balmy compared to her native fiery plain?

Well, I haven’t heard much other than “she was different then” coupled with some relief that the thing didn’t go through. I’m better friends with the ex-fiance’s current wife, who recoils at KH’s appearance in the news.

Ahhhh. There’s that liberal hate that I’ve come to know so well in the past year. You guys really oughtta stay outta the gutter. It’s unbecoming.

Similar traits in a man would be admired but it makes the woman a bitch? I don’t get it. She’s sharp as cheddar, my hat’s off to her.

Amen. I eagerly await those liberals who are not blatently anti-woman to come in this thread and whack some heads.

In the meantime, I’ll leave the the mostly-liberal Martha Brant to do the work for them.

I would hate her just as much if she were a man. I mean, the idiot held a press conference right in front of my goddamn car!

Well, it is a very nice car.

Lieu, where was this stated in this thread by ANYONE?

It wasn’t – stop with the strawmen.

Do you think I have affection for anyone in the current administration outside of Colin Powell? Perhaps you’d prefer “Nurse Ratched” or “A micromanger,” code for B-I-T-C-H, from the Martha Brant link that * manhattan* supplied. Occasionally read your links, what?

A woman could be the female Pol Pot, and you two keystone cops would sit back and play phony PC police. It’s the Straight Dope – I’ll call it like I see it, and I see it quite well.

Dear Unclebeer,

Thanks much for the invitation. Am much enjoying your gutter.

Your pal,

Ha! She probably wonders her husband’s taste in women could have changed so dramatically. :slight_smile:

I’d hate to be the Ex-Fiancee of KH. Could you imagine the shit his drinking buddies must give him? “Oh look, there’s hunny-boney-snoggles on the telly!” :smiley:

Well it’s nice to see that Janet Reno doesn’t get all the ugly female jokes… :rolleyes:

Aaaah Ace, so it’s not the fact she’s an undesirable female that would probably slaughter Cambodians given the chance, it’s that she’s in that party.

Yeah, what was the bitch thinking?