Katrina? Ophelia? I missed three hurricanes?

OK, I admit I don’t follow the news as closely as I probably should, but am I the only one who went right from Katrina to Ophelia, completely missing Lee, Maria and Nate?

Fortunately, Lee, Maria, and Nate all just sort of wandered around out in the Atlantic.

I don’t know how big any of those three got, but keep in mind storms get named before they reach hurricane status.

Well yeah, I know about the naming conventions. I was just surprised to hear about Ophelia all of a sudden.

Maria and Nate are definitely accounted for. Quite a mess.

Oops. Sorry. I picked the only English-language article about the storm that doesn’t mention the rain was due to the remains of tropical storms Maria and Nate. It does have some of the more illustrative photos, though. You can follow the links for more, if you want to.

I remember Maria and Nate - don’t you remember about a week ago when there were all three at hurricane strength out there in the Atlantic? I thought it was fascinating. I wonder if that’s ever happened before.

So it’s true - they really do call the wind Maria!

Yes, several times. Once, they were lined up like a freight train coming towards the U.S.
Amazing thing is that big hurricanes have actually beem kind of low in numbers of the past 20-25 years, leading experts to warn we were overdue (something had to bring the average back up!)

So, all is normal.

No no no, the wind cries Mary.

I think that if it were my business to name storms, I’d avoid important literary characters associated with drowning deaths. I mean, if Ophelia turned out to be a deadly storm, could anyone who lost a loved one every make it through Hamlet again?

“Drown’d! drown’d!” “Too much of water hast thou, poor Ophelia.”
Widower Jones runs sobbing from theatre

(Sorry, I’m just practicing my oversensitivity routine.)

I don’t know, but it will probably be a while before they play Katrina and the Waves on New Orleans-area oldies stations.

i rather thought this storm lived up to the ophelia name. this storm is back and forth, loopdelooping, will i go ashore, won’t i go to shore. finally getting just close enough to shore to flood the land with 15+ inches of rain (ophelia’s tears?)

she is one crazy storm looking for a steering current.

Interesting factoid: When a tropical depression forms it is first given a number. So far, all Atlantic TDs went on to become named storms with 1 exception: Number 10. However TD10 actually reformed and became tropical depression 12. Usually, the old number is kept but after some debating it was felt that a low that joined with the remnant of 10 made it a “new storm”. I happen to disagree.

BTW, TD12 became Katrina.

Well God whipped me up just to drown gays
So He made me class 4.
And sent me off to New Orleans
to scrub down that whore.
Now the gov’ner well he saw me comin’
Said, “Get out of town.
Cause we got us a bad storm a-blowing
big rains comin’ down.”

I’m flushin’ New Orleans, Woah! [3x]
And don’t it feel good? Hey!
Oh right now!
And don’t it feel good?
I jabbed with a 20 foot storm surge
and I took out the coast.
For style I then blew out the levees
Now that town is a ghost.
You won’t fix it up in a weekend
no, not in a year!
Cause that whole town is under the water
and now it’s God that you fear!

I’m flushin’ New Orleans, Woah! [3x]
And don’t it feel good? Hey!
Oh right now!
And don’t it feel good?

I too have noticed that not just one, but two hurricanes have been unfortunately named this year. (And isn’t “Nate” close to “Natalie”?)

Hey, leave Nate alone. A kind, polite storm. And one I feel a certain sympathy for if you get my drift.