Kegel exercises and sexual performance

While looking around for ways to last longer during sex (I mentioned it on the temp board; the problem is better now :slight_smile: ), I came across Kegel exercises. I found many sites about it- why I should do them, what they can do, and other assorted details, but I can’t quite get a clear picture of the specific positive effects on sexual performance. The sites vary in purpose and many other details.

I ask because my friend Mike told me by doing these excercise, he’s been able to orgasm during sex without ejaculating, lasting as long as he wanted to. I wanna be like Mike.

In short, what I’m looking for are:

  1. Concise instructions on excercising the PC muscles, for both males and females
  2. What I and my girlfriend can expect as a result of these exercises over time.

This started out in GQ, but I realize I’m more interested in testimonials from Dopers.


  1. Drink a lot of water.
  2. When your bladder is really full and has to go, let it stream for 5 seconds and then shut off the stream for 5 seconds.
  3. Repeat and repeat as long as it lasts.
  4. Practice every time you have to piss.

The muscle that shuts off the urine in midstream is called the pubococcygeus muscle. Kegel means exercising it like this. Once you’ve learned where it is, you can exercise it any time by alternately tightening and relaxing it. Repeat many times, like doing pushups & crunches. (But nobody can see you doing it.)

In women, it firms the vaginal floor and tones the whole area. In men, it allows conscious control of anything escaping from the urethra. This is why you can orgasm without ejaculating. The orgasms are more intense and last longer; also your consciousness of them is more attuned.

In Tantric sex it is useful in promoting the energy to rise higher through your cakras instead of spewing out downwards; this leads to more cosmic orgasms.

You don’t even have to practice while using the restroom.

You can practice this while sitting here and posting, for God’s sake! :stuck_out_tongue:

I find, for me, it gives the guy pleasure if you can use it during sex.

Woo hoo!!!

I think it’s supposed to increase the pleasure for the women as well as the man.

I wonder if it’s possible to get your muscles so hard they squeeze the life out of him…


Are you still coming to the BADopefest next week? I think I have a book for you (if I still have it.)

First I have been doing this for over a year (before I knew what to call it) Jomo Mojo has the right of it. A variation that can help you out alot is; instead of streaming and cutting off just let out a continuous slow steady stream, a tad bit more than dripping but thats it, while at first this will be excruciating (not pain more like impatience) the feeling is simalar to when you hold in ejaculating. Remember even after you have been flexing these muscles you will still need a strong measuer of control that comes (sorry about the pun) with practice (yes this means masturbation).

What Mike said isn’t exactly accurate, if he is doing the same thing I am. You can’t cum on command after holding it in, you pretty much have to start over (but through practice you can achieve the second faster). One downside that I have noticed a bit is if you hold it in many times without ever letting it go you get quite a bit more precum during foreplay (that could just be personal experience and is most likely TMI).

Have fun and enjoy.

Thanks for the tips… We’re planning a strict regiment in the near future. ;).

Keep 'em coming. (Damn, I really didn’t mean that when I first typed that; I apologize.) Any specific expectations for the women? I don’t beleive my girlfriend is entirely sold on the idea, (“You want me to excercise my VAGINA?!”) and I want to make sure she knows I’m not just screwing with her with some twisted prank.

Vix- I’m still planning on making an appearance at the very least.

The inner grip of a woman who has exercised her tender parts is one of the most fabulous feelings a woman can give a man.

Well this site looks helpfu:

And in empasizes sex over help with incontinence which will probably go over better with your girlfriend.

Note, there are also little vaginal “barbells” you can buy her. Which should either convince your girlfriend it’s all true, or that you are willing to take a twisted prank to unbelievable lengths :slight_smile:

The woman who introduced me to the Kegal Action Grip [sup]tm[/sup] is enshrined in my memory forever.
Some of the best sex I’ve ever had has involved prolonged bouts which would have looked like absolute stillness to a hypothetical observer, where the only motion was taking turns w/ the Kegel squeeze and the male equivalant.

Jesus God.

I started a thread last year polling for a diplomatic way to convince my SO to work on that a bit. She never did get it. I wonder how she’s doing, these days…

She doesn’t know what she was missing. :smiley: