Vaginal Control

I can’t believe I am asking this, but is it possible for a woman to have such complete control of her vaginal muscles that a man can’t help but quickly ejaculate? I did a search and could find nothing so if anyone can help me, I’d appreciate it.

That vagina would have to have power of suggestion over the man’s mind. Were that to happen, then I guess it might be possible.

“Dr. Kegel, calling Dr. Kegel.”

I can’t believe you’re asking that either. :smiley:

While it’s not a magical answer to instant ejaculation, a women versed in Kegel exercises can indeed increase a man’s pleasure, which has the desired effect.

TMI warning: Men can do the same thing (or at least similar). In fact I use it to pretend my penis is talking, to make my wife laugh after a nice bit 'o sex.

Well, I don’t know if it’s Kegel exercises or not, but my wife seems to have better control of her vaginal muscles than most women and can do some pretty interesting things. I don’t know believe she could force me to ejaculate before I was ready (at least not with her “nether-flexing” alone :slight_smile: ), but she can certainly speed things up a little.

Many things besides vaginal contact induce orgasm in men. I myself have very sensitive nipples. If they are stimulated during intercourse, it often speeds things up.

I agree with cornflakes. It’s mostly in the mind.

Obviously you are a well-travelled swordsman to be able to make such a claim in this forum :smiley:

Definetly all in the mind !!!

How would they be any better than the muscles in her hands?

I think if a man takes 5 minutes to orgasm, no special muscles are gonna shorten that.

Cecil speaks on Kegel exercises: